The Best Novel

It's definatly...

End Run.

It was emotional, and capture the spirit of Wing Commander very well.

Fleet Action played more to the desperate struggle, but End Run had much more in terms of characters you could love and in showing the character relationships during a time of war (everyone should know that I'm talking about Jason and SUSAN).

It also covered the action well, and covered some of the back stories about the other characters we see in the games and novels.

Also, it wasn't about any of the main characters from the games.
I agree with Jason. End Run is the best, although I don't really count because I have hardly even read WC3 novel and End Run is the only WC novel I have read to completion.
I've got to go with either Fleet Action or False Colors. Both seem to have a scope all the others don't. Can't explain it anymore than that. The good ones you can't.

To Further Explain...

I was absolutly rivited to End was the second WC novel I ever read, I found it tucked away in the corner on the back shelf of a used book store in San Diego.

I had to have it. At that point in time I still didn't know how many WC novels there were.

I read Fleet Action, and I could hardly put it down. It was horrible. I read it twice in a day and a half.

End Run was worse. I was rivted! I had to find out how it ended, what was going to happen. Fleet Action was so predictable, you knew the good guys were going to win. They had to win for the series to continue. But in End Run...there was more then one plot line to be concluded, and some of them weren't necessary to the over all plot of the Humans winning the war.

You really didn't know how End Run was going to end (I confess, I read the last chapter first) and I love that in a good novel.
for me it's a toss up between end run or fleet action. both are excellent. after that, action stations and false colors, with TPOF, freedom flight, and HOTT coming in last
I have to agree with Viper61 about Fleet Action. Seeing Confed almost brought to it's knees was shocking, in a good kind of way. Two questions why was Telep's novelization so different from the WC movie and secondly, does anybody know what happened to Kevin Tolwyn after Fleet Action?
According to the WC3 Novelization we see him with Paladin on board the Victory...

...I could drag the book out and see what it says about him but I don't think it says and someone around here probably knows off the top of his or her head anyway.
after fleet action, he becomes a staff officer. after the end of the war, he leaves confed and goes to the landreich and becomes the wing commander of the independence
Fleet Action, End Run, False Colors, Freedom Flight, Heart of the Tiger, Action Stations, Price of Freedom. In that order.
Yes but...I'm the only one with any reasons. =P

Not that I much care about that.

But seriously, what is it about the other books that captivated you guys? I'm curious.
Oh, to be clear, I was answering the previous question, not mentioning my favourite book.
Kevin Tolwyn was "sent" by his uncle out to the Landreich, where he never resigned from Confed. He was a brevet Major after the Concordia went down, in which he was promoted during the War but didn't get the increase in pay. His rank to Major was probaly confirmed by the Senate after the War, but with the senior grade officers (Majors, Lieutenant Colonels, and Colonels) being driven out and RIFed out, he probaly would have a hard time trying to stay active duty. Especially when Admiral Tolwyn still had his share of political enemies.

Some time after False Colors, Kevin Tolwyn returns back to Confed, where he eventually becomes a Commodore.
In my honest opinion, I pretty enjoyed the movie novelization titled 'Wing Commander' authored by Peter Telep.
Perhaps it was watching the movie and reading the novel together really enhanced the experience... many plot holes and gaps in the movie was pretty much explained in the novel, and the mood and the characterization as well humor was there alright.

And it was the first novel to portray a much younger Blair in detail (other than the cardshark Blair in 'Freedom Flight').

Unfortunately the 'Pilgrim Stars' was a bit too much... extrasensory powers? almost like the X-Men I'd say those Pilgrims were, but I am very hoping that 'Pilgrim Truth' will be come out redeeming...

...if it ever comes out.

(IF, being the operative word)

And the worst WC book in my opinion (which in fact is not a novel), is The Terran Confederation Guide circa 2654 in the Ullyses corridor. The facts are to minimum, and pretty much useless. I'm now wishing for far better WC technical book.
Ice Hellion said:
Two questions why was Telep's novelization so different from the WC movie and secondly, ...?

Oh yeah. I guess Telep much followed the original movie script (hence using the 'Tiger Claw' sans apostrophe s. He also had more resources and more opportunities to explain what the movie failed in 105 minutes.
One major differences (which Ben Lesnick stated back in 1999) was the Traitor plot in the novel. Before the premiere there was the public screening showing the first original film cut containing an extra 20-30 minutes. Apparently the viewers couldn't get the logic about the treachery... so Chris Roberts cut out the whole traitor plot.
In my opinion, it would've been better if they kept that plot. Not only would it make the movie longer, I might see the Pilgrim knife in action!

The reason why the Merlin AI was reduced from Blair's personal digital assistant to a onboard-flight computer was something I don't quite get. He would've been a comic relief in the movie but was later decided the comic part would completely be taken by the Marshall character. I wonder, would have Mark Hamill appeared as a blue hologram in the movie instead a voice-only computer?

ps: Star Trek Nemesis lossed around 40 minutes after editting.
It was a joke...Jason's lover, Svelentana or something like that makes an appearance in the novel. A reporter in End Run calls her Susan by mistake.