Thank You!

Pete J

I've just downloaded and started playing the remake and am very happy!

I remember playing Privateer for the first time when I was 12 and have very fond memories of the game, though I never completed it as I was rubbish at flying through asteroid fields! I've always wanted to play it again but the original game never ran on any of the new computers I tried.

The team who made this deserve a pat on the back. This remake improves on perfection! The graphics are incredible and if this had been put on the shelves I would have had no qualms about paying for it!

Two things would make me even happier-a remake of Privateer 2 due to the same problems as I had with the first and maybe a Privateer 3!

Thank you so very much for this game!


Well there is a new campaign element :) go to Tingerhoff system---you'll be able to choose your own path down a new campaign

Pete J

II'll leave that until after the main story has been completed-right now I'm supposed to be doing exams!


I just wanted to second Pete's thank you! You guys have done one hellava job in this remake. Much to my wife's dismay I spent all last weekend playing the game. The graphics are pretty good and so far not a single crash.

Thanks again for a great game!