Tech Demo Has Major Arena Vibes (January 12, 2022)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Cherno has shared a neat video of tech demo project he's put together. It's a top-down 2D space shooter with Wing Commander models. This reminds me a whole lot of the early Arena concept shots. Although it's conceptually pretty basic, there are some nice touches with familiar asteroids and damage sound effects included. Cherno's been toying around with different ideas to give the game some more meat, and we hope he continues to develop the idea further!

This project was started about two years ago using Unity, then abandoned and now (January 2022) I got back to it, fixed some bugs, and made this short gameplay video. What you see is all there is to it: just glorified placeholder assets using the original graphics and sounds of Wing Commander. I always wanted to make a top-down game but the limited field of view restricts the gameplay mechanics. Initially, I opted for a straight conversion of the ship and weapon characteristics from the original Wing Commander game, but eventually realized that it has to be more a an arcade, shoot-em-up experience in order to be fun to play.

Original update published on January 12, 2022