TCS Vanguard CV-21

Cruiser's ready for textures. I can begin my texturing now!

Some texture work...


I'm trying to spoof up the paint job but still keep it WC3-looking. Anybody got any ideas?
I was kind of hoping you were going to keep it looking sort of like the untextured version -- looking like a modern gray water-navy ship in space.
Hm....You should do it more Wc4 know.More grey and metallic..with less blue.;)
The pictures aren't coming up.:( :(

After I posted they came up.:confused: WTF?

But, anyway, totally awesome stuff!
Yeah they look kind of better all plain, but a bit of blue paint helps make the fighters fit in more into the setting, otherwise they'll look strange having unpainted cap ships with painted fighters flying around. Also, having some colour on them will help make them identifiable amidst the debris.
I, for one, hate the WC IV Cap Ship textures. They're just ugly, pixilated and noisy. I really missed the clean beautiful WC III ones. Therefore, Cams job really pleased me.

You see? I am pleased. That is good.
I'm actually kindof partial to the original WC3 paint job. I too do not like the WC4 meshes, and I would also call them noisy, almost like the designers said, "okay the more junk we put in the mesh, the more realistic it will look."
Cam, would you do as LOAF suggested, take out the blue and just leave it a gray mesh and post it here? I think your texture does look more like WC3 than WC4 so maybe the absence of the color would give you the WC3/WC4 blend you're looking for.

I came up with a compromise. A mostly grey hull with some blue stripes here and there. I think it'll hold up quite nicely beside a Ranger-class carrier.


I also added the Confederation star to the engines as it is in WC4 (however this isn't supposed to be during WC4)
I tried it textured way more blue earlier... somehow that one didn't look quite right but I wasn't sure why.