TCS Midway shirts


Rear Admiral
Looking to get a TCS Midway shirt made, I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the exact font that was used, as well as wondering if there was anything on the backs of the shirts, though I doubt there was.

Also any tips on font size and how the text was printed onto the shirts would be appreciated as well for the most accuracy.

Thanks in advance. :)
Here's a picture for reference


I wouldn't worry about method of transfer or things like that. They probably just went to whatever local customer t-shirt place and had a bunch made. If you get some black text on a red shirt in a stencil font, you're pretty darn close.
The real tricky font is to figure out the one used for the hull stencils on the Midway CG model, the closest I've found is a stylized Terminator font.
Whatever happened to the old CIC Store anyway? Simply sell out of the old stock?
No, we have stock and give it away at Birthdays. We're just too busy to deal with it year round. In the future, anything we'd do would be print on demand so we're completely out of the loop.