TCS Ark Royal

A detail: Besides USA, it was also fought by Brazilian forces. Actually, it was the reason why Brazil entered the war. Firstly, they just gave the bases to allow the USA to fight the U-Boats, but then, our own AF entered in the conflict(This is just because i HATE when they change history to make things look like that the Americans won the war, like at the "fully sc***** up" movie U-571)
You know that the U-175 (reverse the numbers for 571) was a U-Boat captured by British Forces?

And, for the record, the movie isn't entirely screwed up. Two U-Boats were boarded and or captured by US Forces in the war, though a majority of the captured ships and intelligence did come from the British.

I also seem to recall that at the end of the movie credit was giving to both BRITISH and AMERICAN Task Forces who captured U-Boats.

I think that for the ease of filming they used Americans, and because the movie was produced in America, but I don't believe by any means that it screwed up history.
Okay, so the movie is PARTIALLY screwed up, as the machine actually was captured by a BRITISH team.

I will not be surprised if they make a movie that show the Americans at Stalingrad, Arnhem or Berlin.(Actually, according with Gen. James Maurice Gavin's biographic book, they have a saying at West Point claiming Arnhem was a victory, and american)
Right. I don't think we want to include any more attack carriers in the WC universe, anyway, since we've never even seen (apart from End Run) the two which we know exist. If we include an attack carrier in Standoff, it'll be the TCS Jutland.

Oh, and as far as this forum is concerned, every single military victory in the history of mankind happened thanks to Brazil. :D
I was asking LOAF about some of the typos on that list (like listing the Tarawa as CVE-7) and he said he posted an updated version somewhere. Dunno where, but it would be nice to. Someone might ask him about it.
Eder said:
Oh, and as far as this forum is concerned, every single military victory in the history of mankind happened thanks to Brazil. :D

So are we going to see a TCS Monte Castelo? :D

Also, is the TCS Reims the only Waterloo we will see in the game? Or it will have others like the TCS Agincourt (WC2)?
Right now the Reims is the only one... but for variety's sake, I might decide to add a second Waterloo in the future (it isn't hard to just change a texture or two... I don't have to re-convert the model or anything).
Eder said:
Oh, and as far as this forum is concerned, every single military victory in the history of mankind happened thanks to Brazil. :D

And we all know we would have lost if it wasn't for Brazil's massive industries and endless supply of manpower for the meat grinder. :p

Actually, war would take a lot more if the Americans hadn't helped the Soviets. Moscow could fall, but they would retreat even more and more people would die. But, as they got lots of supplies from USA, war was shortened.

To check it, just take this facts:
1 - At some time, the Soviets had 555 divisions against the Germans
2 - They used lots of American equipment, but their best weapons were Soviet(T-34, JSIII, et cetera)
3 - The Germans were trying to get everything they could against the Soviets
4 - Most weird tactics and weapons were used against sovietics(Mistral...)
5 - The Eastern Front was falling, if not quickly, constantly.
6 - Ardennes was a last-ditch operation, as Hitler hoped to get a cease-fire with the Western Allies to fight the Soviets.

(God, we will end at the OTZ :p)
I didn't know we helped the Soviets. I always thought and was told-by a WWII documentary-that the soviets won just by their fall-back strategy, nationialism, and good ol' winter, and of course their massive population.
Yes, the allies helped the soviets with lots of supplies, through Murmansk and Archangelsk.
1 - Fall-back strategy: Actually, that only got them closer to defeat, as the Germans could siege Moscow, Stalingrad, Leningrad and others
2 - Nationalism: Actually, that wasn't a factor. This even HELPED the Nazis, as they recruited many Ucranians and other people that were revolted with the Soviet Union. And, who would not be nationalist if the cost of retreat was a bullet in a head by a NKVD officer?
3 - Good Ol' Winter: Actually, the Winter only made things worse, not contributing to the end of the war. The main problem was to mantain the supply lines running, from the Germany to the frontline units that were a lot away. Plus, there were saboteurs to make things even worse.
IIRC most of the supplies were industrial/infrastructural in nature, to help the Soviet war-machine out-pace the Germans'.