Tarsus Cockpit WIP


Mr. Standoff
I don't mind the WC1 themed displays. They do seem out of place right now due to looking a bit cartoonish, though - but I'm guessing that'll go away once they're final versions.

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Okay I've completed the model, so take a look at it, and let me know if there's any problems or things that should be changed. If there's not, I'll be moving onto the Camel Cockpit. Imagine a Rolls Royce in space. Yay!



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Mr Kat says...

Excellent attention to detail and Privateer Tarsus continuity, I also like the cargo manifest. :D

Will all the VDU's and exterior views be dynamic? i.e. the player could be looking around the cockpit in a Quicktime VR fashion while adjusting shields or communications and noticing the VDU' reflect the adjustments as well as seeing external action (ship's flying past, starfield motion, etc) from within the cockpit?



Howard Day

Random art guy.
Of course. This is an actual in-game model. The Quicktime VR is just a quick way of letting other people see it like it will be without having to release the engine. I haven't discussed it in any real detail with the other dev team members, but I assume that the head movement in the game will be very realistic. Tilting from side to side when you turn, shaking a bit when hit, Being pushed back in the seat when you hit the afterburners, that sort of thing. No getting up and walking around, though...


Mr Kat says...

Sounds like the most immersive WC game yet. IIRC, Prophecy simulated afterburner acceleration/deceleration in the cockpit view, but didn't allow dynamic HUD swivel/control, apart from the typical external left/right/rear and other views present in the games.


This looks good. Will you be simulating cockpit damage like in Privateer as well, with various parts shorting out as your systems take damage?

Nomad Terror

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I would like to see Render-To-Texture employed when using the VDUs to view external cameras or communications (if comms will feature 3d characters instead of animated sprites).

That would be very neat and immersing

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
When I first saw the screenshots of everything lit up on the front page, the Privateer music went through my head. That's the first time that's ever happened.

Oh, and yeah - everything looks *spectacular*.


amazing work, can't wait to have a go at the demo when it is released, keep up the good work

and keep releasing bits n pieces


noob question

This is fabulous work, and a great reference for a project I'm working on: a paper model (inside and out) of the Tarsus, which is one of my favourite ships from these games. I'm still gathering reference materials, but have been struggling to find a basic (as in under 500 poly) 3D model of the vessel I can use in LW, and an interior floorplan that goes beyond the bridge. Does anyone here know where I could get this, or perhaps point me in the right direction? I'd be most grateful


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Bradmick probably did a good model a while back. I don't think anyone ever did a "basic" one like you're describing though.