Take Another Look at WC3 Kilrathi Concepts (May 24, 2023)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Drooling over these photos of Wing Commander III's costume shop. I wish we had high resolution images of all those Kilrathi sketches!

Massive kudos to Dundradal for figuring out that one of their references is the PLANET OF THE APES SOUNDTRACK!

Thought I found one in the prop book but it turns out it's Melek who is not in the photos!

Here's one! From the digital assets used for the Kilrathi Saga calendar. Sadly not in color.

Low resolution versions of two extracted from the Wing Commander III Behind the Screens CD. Someone who isn't as dumb as I am should science the color from the little one into the monochrome big version.

Here's one of the sketches! It was reused as the drawing of Sivar on the wall of the temple seen in the Prophecy intro... and was included with the Electronic Press Kit!

Original update published on May 24, 2023
Here's my quick attempt at combining the two (I tried to favour the extra details visible in the greyscale version):