SWC Ship of the Day: Spikeri (May 15, 2001)


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Here you go!


Thanks for spotting tho twelve-year-old broken link! There is an oddity surrounding the file name that only LOAF can probably clarify. The reason the link was broken was because it pointed to spikeri.jpg. But the actual file there is fralthi.jpg. Simple typo? Maybe not, because the actual Fralthi image is named realfralthi.jpg https://www.wcnews.com/news/2001/05/11/swc-ship-of-the-day-fralthi

(The hyperlinked "realfralthi" IS the real Fralthi from SWC... the image shown in this post is the lost Spikeri ship)
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Wow, it really looks like a made-up hybrid kilrathi-terran corvette/transport I had made for an unpublished Privateer fanfic a number of years back. Mine was a bit more boxy... basiclly a "what-if" a human with few good kilrathi ties/traders had bought up plans for a designed-but-cancelled Kilrathi light-corvette, then had it built in a terran space-yard (modding as needed to change-in terran tech since it was paid for by a mix of a big inheritence and space-lottery winnings).
My ship was kind of like if you took the upper 2 engines off the Orion to stream-line it some, upsized the size a bit, added a few turrets, and treated it like an Orion/Centurion/micro-drayman. I tried to debate the size to around something that maybe you could hard-dock 1 or 2 (possibly max 4) medium-class fighters to (dock them to carry them through a jump).
Basic plan was to make it somewhat over-powered yet glitch-prone (especially when it first launched). It had a frame and systems that needed constant minor repairs and tweaking.