SWC Hornet Low Poly model

Kevin Caccamo

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I just completed a 3D model of the Hornet from Super Wing Commander. It has a really low polycount (~200 polys!!), so it should be suitable for any game. By using Blender, I was able to create the low-res model over the high-res model which I used as a reference. I put Origin's textures onto the model with xNormal. Diffuse map, normal map, height map, and AO map are included.





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This is my first encounter with a SWC Hornet. Nice work.

I wonder what the back story is that explains the game. Who decided that this version of WC would have radically different images? I always thought many of the models were really interesting, but I've always come back to 'why?'

Kevin Caccamo

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Yes, there is a High-Poly model of this in the OSI model archive. (HORNET.3DS) :)

Not to turn this into a Brian Smith discussion, but this model archive was released on the day the CIC found out he died. You can download it from his online memorial.


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Nice work!

Would he like you to know he gives me a permission of developing a paper model starting from her model?

Thank you!

Kevin Caccamo

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Somehow, I didn't understand half of that. (Who is "he" :confused:) If you're asking about making a paper model from this one, go ahead. :)


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Sorry for my poor english, :D but this ideia is a making papermodel it is that. Thanks for permission!!!


Kevin Caccamo

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Here you go.


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Ok, now I remember why it looks familiar. Did anyone else play XF-5700 Mantis? If the SWC hornet had a fin on its back, it'd be a dead ringer for the mantis.