Supersize Your Wingleader Creations (September 7, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
The multi-talented elend (of Banshee model fame) has another treat for fellow fans. This one is quite a bit different, but artsy and cool nonetheless. He's vectorized the famous Wingleader logo so it can now be blown up to infinite proportions without any loss of quality. This was Wing Commander's working title between "Squadron" and the final name that we've come to know and love. The preview below is just a sample. Check out the actualize vector version in PDF form here (1.5 megs).

Hello internet friends. I vectorized the Wingleader logo for... uh... reasons. Maybe some of you have use for it.
Original update published on September 7, 2020


Hah, if only I had known that you use my little blurb in Discord in the actual news post, I would have written something more eloquent.