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According to CIC's ship database Secret Ops had a sweet installation known as Superbase. Naturally I want to extract the beast but the link to treman on the Flight Commander website is dead. Does anyone know another place to get it?

And while we're at it, does anyone know anything about the Superbase?

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Treman is available from HCl's site here:

The Superbase was introduced in Wing Commander IV and the one which appears in Secret Ops is the same installation - Ella (although its layout is different). From the first ever WCSO screenshot released:

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I wasn't able to extract it, hundreds of errors and the like. I did manage to convert the Avenger, Hellcat and Bearcat.




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So as far as converting wc3, wc4, armada ships, I've already converted just about all the meshes already, but they'd need updated .ship.xml files

So what was the problem with the superbase? Sometimes you can't extract individual files from a .tre. But you can just extract the entire tre, and then just grab the files you need. What was the problem? Or was it a problem with FC?


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Just gave me an Error at address - Ignore, Cancel, Continue type error for every file it tried to extract from Secret Op's tre. WCTEST worked. :) My Secret Op's tre is probably corrupted.