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Reprinted from my Super Soaker club.

Wow, I love this thing! The Triple Aggressor is one of my favorite all-around Super Soakers now. But let me start at the beginning...

Work, school, and a flash snowstorm have kept me from the forums for several days, but Seattle now has all manner of new 2004 Super Soakers. These include new colorized 2004 MaxD blasters with amenities such as the Super Soaker reusable water balloon (sponge). I don't recall seeing Soaker Tags on any 2004 MaxDs.. however it'd make sense if they were included.

The packaging on the 2004 Super Soakers is superb. Rather than the simple plastic strapping, it's stapping wrapped in plastic material to protect the Soakers from scratching and damage in transportation. The box has supports inside to keep the gun in the middle of its box and further prevent shelf and transport wear. And as has been previously mentioned, the boxes have a handle on the top now. Here's a picture of a Triple Aggressor in its packaging.
The gun itself is solid. While it's on par with the 1000 or 1200 in terms of overall size, it's a bit sleeker. More of an assault rifle than a medium cannon. Both the handle grip and under-barrel behind the pump have been rubberized for easier holding. I wish the pump itself were tracked or otherwise stronger, but it's not bad.
Although the shape is awkward, the side-arm and water balloon do not get in the way. Both addons use special knobs to prepare them. The side-arm is a one-shot high power pistol. Using prepressurized water in the Triple Aggressor, the side-arm can be loaded with one powerful-last ditch shot. The water balloon can be saturated at will with a shower of pressurized water to prepare it for throwing. Here's a picture of the separated components.
Onto the gun itself. As previously mentioned, it feels like a sleek assault rifle size blaster. The gun physically feels much more substantial in your arms than any other MaxD. Water capacity is decent. The quick fill nozzle is a nice touch, but it's not that much easier than unscrewing the cap and filling normally. The gun pressurizes very neatly on few pumps. Although some may find this disappointing, I am quite happy with the relatively small nozzle size. The beam is at least as big as any MaxD, but what gets me is the power of the beam. The Triple Aggressor is one of the few guns with a powerful sting to it. As you might know, I'm much more fond of guns with stings than guns with wide nozzles. I feel a stinging blast is much more effective on the field than a drenching blast. Stinging beams tend to conserve water and fire farther as well. Distance is excellent. I got approximately the full 35 feet. No less than 30 for sure.. perhaps nearly 40. Since it's been snowing and raining, I haven't gotten a good measurement of this. Here's a picture of a happy ChrisReid with a Triple Aggressor.

Overall I'm extremely satisfied. I love the Triple Aggressor more than any other MaxD or EES, and in certain situations it would make a perfectly ideal blaster for multipurpose use. The 2004 Super Soakers are here!
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That looks great ... the little sphere on the underside (another tank?) looks like it might get in the way, though.