Strike Carrier Concept


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Yup, the Victory task group (shouldn't be mistaken with task force) is a Main Force Support group. Kilrathi Saga mentions that this Fleet role is undertaken by older carriers removed from the front lines (which the Victory certainly is).


Victory, you say?
But it's no surprise that, near the collapse of Confed's war effort on WC3, it should end up on the front lines again.


*insert tongue in cheek* Hey, did you guys hear my idea for a superweapon capital ship? Basically, it would have a really, really long gun, using superconductors or something, to fire a massive blast of energy that would destroy anything at the target point! Oh, while we're at it, it should have invincible shields, go 1000 kps to evade enemy bombers, impenetrable point defense, and, eh, maybe it should be a capital ship carrier! Oh yeah, that would be cool. Just imagine launching a squadron of capital ships against enemy fighters! *remove tongue from cheek*

This is the basic reason why I find these sort of theoretical discussions about statistics and fan designs uninstructive. Basically, there's no real way to actually test them, or balance them, or somehow constrain their possibility, short of arguing it out in a flame war where everybody says they're right, and there aren't any actual facts to make judgements on. Perhaps the effort spent on these supership designs would be better directed at, oh, I don't know, creating a ship design rule set. Lay down a few ground rules in whatever RPG this is for on how ship designs are created. It's hard to do well, but it can be fun once you get a good set of rules down.