Still Time To Claim Party Prizes (December 26, 2007)


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Most people have a different type of present on their mind this week, but there's still some CIC Birthday Presents that have gone unclaimed. All of the party prizes that we have addresses for should have gone out a month or two ago. If you didn't get your item, or if you haven't submitted your contact information, please send us an email. Here are the winners once again.

  • Birthday Prizes
  • CIC Glass - Wedge, Sycrus
  • CIC Playing Cards - Ironduke, Wedge
  • CIC Polo Shirt (submit size) - TheFraix
  • TCS Eisen T-Shirt (submit size) - Justice, Paragon, Priest
  • TCS Eisen Hat - Taser, Wedge, Powell99
  • Confed Replica Patch - Blitz, ventsetti, HCl
  • WC2 Game - BobMcDob, Justice
  • WC4 DVD - LeHah, Vinman
  • WC CCG Pack - ZFGokuSSJ1
  • WC Novel (submit preferences) - Jetlag, matthew954
  • WC Movie DVD - Frogzilla
  • WC Movie Action Figures (submit preferences) - No Regret, Blonde
  • WC Movie Poster - Shades
  • WC Movie Longsleeve T - Jetlag
  • XBox Live 1 Year Subscription - Jetlag
  • XBox Live 1600 Point Cards - Justice, Jetlag
  • XBox Smack Talk Device - Dundradal
  • Nasa Sticker Set (donated by EddieB) - Dyret
  • Star*Soldier Print - Mekt-Hakkikt, Vinman, AD, Shades

  • Arena Xbox Contest Prizes
  • XBox 360 Elite - NinjaLA
  • CIC Polo, Playing Card, Glass & Star*Soldier - IronDuke
  • TCS Eisen Hat & Star*Soldier - Blitz
  • WCM Soundtrack & Star*Soldier - Pedro
  • CIC Glass & Star*Soldier - SabreAce
  • Star*Soldier - Paragon
  • Star*Soldier - matthew954

Original update published on December 26, 2007
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Yeah, I'll have to contact you about this later... I'm too tired now. apparently my mail(s) didn't get through.

No Regret

I've tried mailing several times a few months ago from my yahoo and work accounts, but it appears they weren't getting through either. I'll send a PM.