Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 (October 5, 2011)


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If you were one of the many peopled out there saddened by the passing of Steve Jobs today, why not celebrate his life with your Wing Commander friends? In addition to Mac OS games such as Super Wing Commander, WC3 & WC4, did you know an Apple device is currently the only way to obtain the WC Movie in high definition on demand? iTunes has a special iPad HD version of the movie available to rent for just $3.99. The HD edition doesn't show up in the PC-based store, but it will be present when browsing iTunes directly on the iPad. The film can also be easily streamed to your HDTV via an HDMI adapter or Apple TV. SD versions are available for $2.99 to rent and $9.99 to buy as well. No iPad? Feel free to just hit the link below to visit the CIC Forums and discuss with other Wingnuts.

Original update published on October 5, 2011
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Yeah this really surprised me last night - saw the news story go up while in a bar with coworkers and everyone got really silent. Hope he was comfortable.

EDIT: We all took a look at this later on - it is the source of several of the quotes writers and broadcasters are referencing in their discussions/stories about Jobs.
This really hit me hard at the moment Its so horrible that such a brave man can fight for so long and not make it. My thoughts are with his loved ones.
I tried to string together a few words to send to the Apple memorial address, so I'll repost that:

Days before I was born, my father--who was an ER nurse at the time--went out and bought an Apple II+. He used it to teach himself about computers, to make a better life for his family. In a few years he was a top database developer. That was Steve's genius: discovering how technology could be used to improve life. In a few days the wags are going to start pointing out that he didn't really invent the PC or the phone or the animated movie... but he figured out how to elevate these things, to give them a meaning and a value that no one else could.

You wanted to imagine a different end to this story. We all knew this was coming but... needed to believe that something magical would happen, that there would be some deserved recompense pointing to a fair universe. I don't think that Apple needs Steve to keep innovating, but you wanted so much to imagine an end to his story where he would have been able to look back at the world he changed ten or twenty years on.

And of course Steve knew what was happening better than any of us, which is why the narrative that now emerges is so compelling. We come to realize that faced with his own death he lived his philosophy in a way that most people can't. He fought to spend his final years working on things that would change how we communicate instead of stepping back at all. That's astonishing to me.
I believe that the i products line along with Pixar will be his greatest accomplishments. I don't know if there was a long range plan provided to Apple, so there will no doubt be turbulent times for them during the next few years.
As much as I like Apple products, I don't think the company matters in the long run. We'll be happy to see it succeed and sad if it flounders... but the work Steve Jobs did changed us forever already.
I saw this on the news last night with my mom and dad. We were all shocked. I realize now in retrospect that I never really gave Steve the credit he deserved. Without his amazing, forward thinking about computers and their possibilities, I probably wouldn't be the person I am today. I realize now how thankful I am for Steve and his accomplishments.

Thank you Steve Jobs; I hope your ideas continue to blow people away in the hereafter as much as they did here. You will be greatly missed.
As much as I've never been a fan of Apple products, Steve Jobs has been a visionary and a driving force in the tech industry for a decade before I was even born. His loss is really tragic.
As much as I've never been a fan of Apple products, Steve Jobs has been a visionary and a driving force in the tech industry for a decade before I was even born. His loss is really tragic.

This. I've never been a particularly huge fan of Apple's products and business practices, but if everyone had the self-belief and perseverance Steve Jobs had, the world would be a better place.