Greetings from the WC Saga staff!

I have brought a progress report, as of today, courtesy of Starman (with a few interjections from me).

"Where we stand" (Status update)

Since we have received the "when" question many times in the past, I can assure you, it won't take another two years until the first release will be made, namely our Prologue. It is meant for introducing some of the main-characters, introducing new (and old)players to the game-engine, and opening the paths for the main-release which will come later. But the prologue is a small and stand-alone closed chapter of the storyline.

To be honest, it is still very hard to tell a correct release date, since there are factors involved, which we can't control directly. One reason is that we can't control when we will be attacked by real life the next time (which has been occurring frequently lately). Currently I have some time (and mood), so there is some progress from my side, while the other guys work as hard as me when their time allows it.

Let me make a short summary of what's done and what still needs to be done:

- Three models (that are otherwise finished) need to be polished a little more (UV-Mapping and stuff)
- The Main-Campaign-Missions are 99% finished (insider-joke : except for the bunch of hyphens in the text, that are not supposed to be there )
- Many more missions are one standby, though they need some finishing touches.
- The voice lines are finished (over 500 at all, except 10 that must be redone )
- The game is now well-balanced, and the beta test revealed a few bugs which we have now eliminated for better game experience
- We are currently reworking the interface completly, which is certainly a massive amount work. But it will be worth it.
- Our last problem is that we have to wait for at least one very important codechange from our friends at HLP. They are working hard, and we hope to have it soon.

So, while I could say we are more than 95 % done (mostly because we worked up everything that way, that we just have to insert the missing parts into the mod once they are done) it is still hard to tell when everyone involved will be able to finish his part of the work.

We will puplish the final date shortly before the release, let's say 30 days before or so. But be assured, we are working as fast as we can. We want you to have this game as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience

and the rest of the WC Saga Team


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
I'd suggest (to most fan projects) going over your press releases with a bit more proofreading. I'm more talking about sentence structure and consistency than including words like "puplish." Fan projects are welcome to send us short texts to be cleaned up before going out.

So if the prologue is less than two years away, any idea on when to expect the actual game?


Yes, you're right. I could have done a little more proof-reading (that lets you know how busy we are... we didn't spend a lot of time proof-reading this because we are too busy proof-reading the in-game coms) :). Nonetheless, we don't want to promise a date on the prologue yet because of some real-life snags that have occurred, but we expect it will be in short order.

The point of the original update was to give people a realistic idea of where we are so that they can judge for themselves that we are indeed very close. The biggest wildcard is the code update by Goober at HLP. Once that is done, we will have a better measure by which to guess a release date. Don't worry, we'll keep you up to date.

And, to be sure, I will make sure to more thoroughly proof-read any further press releases in the future before posting them. Thanks for the feedback.