Starlight Inception Kickstarter - 10 hours to go.


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I should of done this earlier... ***Only 3 hours to go...***

Hi all. I'm not sure what peoiple's opinions are about the Kickstarter pheneomenon - I think it's been an amazing way to bring new ideas into frutition when there's nary a publisher in sight. New games like the Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns and a plethora of other titles that probably would not of seen the light of day without this great new tool. Check out games/most-funded?ref=more#p1 for some recent fully-funded projects.

Basically the gist of Kickstarter is that people like you and me help fund projects - it's entirley crowd-sourced.

I'd like to bring to attention: - Starlight Inception.

It's space-flight sim that borrows heavily from Wing Commander. There's originality there though, and the man reason I'm posting here is that I know that most of us here love the space-sim genre. With 10 hours to go it seems like this one might slip through the cracks.

If anyone can spare a few dollars (1$15 will get you the game for PC or Vita) hit the link and see if it piques your interest.
Wow. Funded with 20 minutes to go! Never mind sleepy Northern Hemisphere residents! ;)

I'm interested to know though if anyone here chipped in for it?