Stargate SG-1 Cancelled!


Mr Kat says...
Or more specifically, the Sci-Fi channel has announced that it does not intend to renew the series for another season; Stargate Atlantis has been picked up for a fourth season.

GateWorld has the full scoop and thoughts on the show's future.

GateWorld News Article said:
What is to come? Both the producers and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer have expressed a desire to continue the hit franchise with not just Stargate Atlantis, but something new in the future -- be it an SG-1 feature film or TV mini-series, or a third television show. The benefits of a simultaneous dual production in Vancouver, with two projects sharing producers, writers, and crew members, are tremendous for the studio. And Stargate is owner MGM's flagship television property, having recently been compared to its venerable "James Bond" film franchise in importance.


GateWorld has also spoken to the shows Executive Producer, Robert C. Cooper, who believes that SG-1 will go on.

Robert C. Cooper GateWorld Story said:
"As far as the future I can't comment yet because nothing has been confirmed," Cooper said. "What we want to emphasize is that the franchise is not dying. SG-1 will go on in some way. We're just not ready to announce how."

Online impressions of the show's 200th episode (titiled: "200"), which aired last week, have generally been very positive and I'm looking forward to watching it later in the year when it airs in the UK.

SG-1 has been a Sci-Fi stable for years now, but with SG-1, Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica in simultaneous production over the past three years, amongst Sci-Fi's various other shows, I wouldn't be surprised if the production cost burden wasn't something that Sci-Fi wanted to offload. With the premiere of Atlantis at the start of SG-1's eighth season, Sci-Fi cut the episode production number from 22 shows per season to 20 shows each. The following seasons included substantially reduced main title sequences during first-run shows, to increase advertising time and revenue and I believe further trimming has been done this season to be able to air more adverts.

Atleast its had a decent run. :)




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I greatly enjoyed the early seasons of SG-1, but lost track of the story somewhere around Season 3 and have never gotten back on track. It was a fun show but it started to seriously lack when Richard Dean Anderson's role was scaled back further and further (by his own request, I should add).

I hate BSG and I've never gotten into Atlantis.


SG always looked like a great show to me but I never could watch it regularly. I only was able to watch a few shows here and there so I never really got into it. I think if I'd been able to regularly watch the show I would have really enjoyed it. I really love the new BSG. It reminds me a lot of SAAB and to some extent the Wing Commander movie.
same here...I've enjoyed my DVD purchase of season 7...but I've lost track of the seasons lately. I figure I'll get the first season of SGA and see if it finished as awkwardly as it started.


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10 seasons is a very good run, plus it has an spion-off going. I agree with the Richard Dean Anderson part. Anyway, I only started watching it fairly recently.


Mr Kat says...
I only really became a regular viewer of SG-1 from the end of Season 6 onwards, although I enjoyed the earlier episodes that I was able to catch sporadically due to weird scheduling where I was living at the time.

If you believe what the internet tells you, it would appear that a lot of fans felt the series should have bowed out with Season 6, which may or may not be valid. :p What I've always liked about the show is the generally less cerebral and fun viewing experience light on angst and not afraid to camp it up -- the fact that I can miss a few shows and then sit down and still know what's going on is convenient, that the same forest location outside of Vancouver gets recycled for just about every offworld excursion, is more endearing than a gripe and that goes for most of the other effects and storylines. Richard Dean Anderon's gradual departure from the show was a loss, atlhough I think the producers and writers have done reasonably well in making up for his prescence.

I've been watching Atlantis regularly since its premiere, but would agree that it's probably more difficult to drop in and out of and the tone of the series is quite different to SG-1. I haven't seen Infinity yet. I caught the new BG mini-series, but missed the bulk of the first season episodes and felt very out of touch when I caught a later episode -- been meaning to catchup on DVD.


~~~ just to pile on in this thread...

I've recently watched Season 8 of SG-1 on DVD and Space A+B on DVD

Season 8 obviously was ended in such a way to kill the show with a nice "toodlie doodlie" to the hardcore, 8 year fans...I'm not sure I'm up to the season 9 exploration of "the Ori" (spell?)

SAAB...*sigh* :-(!!!!! Damn Fox Corp... I just got done watching "...Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best," the last I'm all depressed. What a sad end to the show...

I gotta say, I was a HUUUUGE fan of SAAB...I think there was ONE episode in there that I didn't see when it was showing weekly...I think it was the Demios episode, where they're left behind for 100 days...

Here's to great Sci-Fi universes...and great imaginations...


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SAAB is my all-time favourite. Only lasted a season but boy did I love that show. So glad I have it on retail dvd now. Shame there were no extras but oh well.


I love Wing Commander: Prophecy
I heard that Season 8 was supposed to be the last one, becuase supposedly they rapped up all these storylines but then they introduced the Ori....
gwydion said:
SAAB is my all-time favourite. Only lasted a season but boy did I love that show. So glad I have it on retail dvd now. Shame there were no extras but oh well.

Holy crap! I was just watching WCA (downloaded from CIC ;) )...and I swear I heard the Chig fighter "whonk" sound when it flies by!

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SAAB was the best thing ever. Damned cancellations... got real cranky when that show with Gary Cole in it got finished too... "Wanted". The general public just don't go in for good shows, do they?

But yeah, Stargate without McGuyver is kinda weird to watch. Something missing.