Starflight's Not Like Wing Commander (July 12, 2019)


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Drunken and Gaming has posted a video about Starflight for the Sega Genesis as a part of their One Minute(ish) Review series. It all goes by so fast, but one thing's clear - the reviewer thinks Starflight is amazing and deserves as much credit as Wing Commander. I'm not sure how the Wing Commander Movie plays in, but that's also referenced somehow. There isn't any gameplay shown from either, so I found another video by Friday Night Arcade that shows off what it's like. It looks cool, but they don't seem particularly comparable.

Tony Viejo tells us about Starflight on the Genesis and how it’s like Star Trek, but NOT Wing Commander.

Original update published on July 12, 2019


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Well wasn't THAT needless provocative! He didn't even show a single screenshot of either game. Ah well, my minute of outrage has passed.


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I'm forced to wonder if any of this is my fault. My Wing Commander RPG that I did a few years back was basically the same system as my Starflight RPG that I did a few years earlier. Tweaked a few things (inverted the core mechanic primarily) and changed the setting (obviously) but there are bits that were lifted verbatim from the previous work...


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Oh yeah, sure, it's all about you, not the main EA sci-fi franchises from the early 1990s that ported to any platforms that could handle them. 🤪