Starflight III Fig Campaign


Good morning, y'all. Er...whatever time of day is appropriate. How about I just go with 'howdy' and be done with it...

Those of you who are older might remember a game called Starflight, and maybe its sequel Starflight II: Secrets of the Cloud Nebula. I know I've mentioned them a time or two on this forum before. First published in 1987, it was a predecessor to later titles such as Star Control II and Mass Effect - you were placed in command of a starship and set into an open-play universe where you could explore, mine, collect lifeforms, trade (a key component of SF2), talk to/fight aliens and solve universe-saving conundrums. It was a grand experience from two standard-density floppy disks (you know, sporting a mighty 720 kB of data a pop), and certainly one of two games series that inspired a very young future writer of role-playing game systems (the other being Wing Commander, of course).

I mention all this because before my involvement here at the CIC forums, I was a member of a fan project to try to bring an official sequel to the Starflight series. Due to several unfortunate circumstances, that version of Starflight III never made it anywhere, though through my involvement with the series, it did spawn The Starflight Role-Playing Game, which laid much of the groundwork for The Wing Commander Role-Playing Game (why it only took me eighteen months to write WCRPG's core rules instead of five years).

TL, DR: There wouldn't have been WCRPG without Starflight.

Lately, one of the original Starflight designers, Greg Johnson, has had a FIG campaign ongoing to try and make an official Starflight III a reality. This is something I desperately hope to see happen. They've got a little under two weeks to go with the campaign and are only about halfway to their funding goals, and they've already said that they do not intend to extend the campaign at this time, so I'm helping to get the word out about it. I've posted the link to the FIG campaign - please take the time to watch it, and if you want, help support it.

And incidentally, if you look at the table at about 1:41 in the video, you'll see a book lying on the table. That's a hardcopy of SFRPG they've got sitting there...
Thanks for posting this. I hadn't heard. I'm actually unfamiliar with Fig as well. I really want to see this happen. They have an impressive group of industry people giving interviews.

It was a grand experience from two standard-density floppy disks (you know, sporting a mighty 720 kB of data a pop)

360kB for each 5.25" floppy. :)