Star Wars Trilogy DVD set


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I picked up the Star Wars trilogy DVD set when it came out and I watched Episode IV, A New Hope the other day. I swear that Jabba looked different in the scene where he and Han talk in the docking bay. Did anyone else notice this or am i imagining things? In the DVD Jabba looked older, and i think there was more of a color differentiation between his belly and sides. I thought he used to be more of one color.
Check out the Scene with the Emporer in ESB, or, better yet, the scene at the end of Return of the Jedi with the three Jedi Ghosts....

You're in for some rude surprises...
ANH is easily the biggest editing problem of the lot. Aside from the new Jabba CGI - the audio is an issue through out. Listen to Tarkin's "Do you perfer a primary target..." line to get my meaning.
i thought the emperor scene in the empire strikes back was ridiculous. the hologram appears to be way too big and i am unsure, but i think they actually changed his dialogue.
I just watched Empire last night and saw the scene with the change to the hologram. I'm unsure about the actual hologram, but the dialogue seemed wierd. The Emperor started talking about Luke and Vader didn't seem to know who Luke was.

The change that will frustrate the most people though is the changing of ghost at the end of Jedi. My brother is one of the biggest Star Wars fans I know, he has 9 copies of the original trilogy, boxes full of action figures, a lot of the books, posters, the micro machine toys. You name it, he probably has it. I told him about the changes and the one he disliked the most was the change to the ghost.
i've still got to watch them, have them for a week now. but my dvd player has some issues
I also noticed the different emperor hologram, and Anakin's new ghost. I ended up sleeping through A New Hope. I should go back and re-watch it, I suppose.

I find it kinda rotten that they subbed in another actor for Anakin's original ghost. That poor actor got entirely shitted. I'm surprised they didn't re-film Vader's death with Christiansen (or however his name is spelled. I'm too lazy to care at the moment) covered in makeup in order to look old and scarred.
That was one of the rumors floating around when word got out that they were editing Vader's death scene. It ended up being the cosmetic change you see in that link though.

There is quite an uproar over the changes if you go to any star wars forums right now. Basically, people just saying what's already been said here.
Star Wars idiots would complain either way. How often did we bitch about continuity glitches in Star Wars over the past twenty years? Luke shouting Carrie and the English writing on the Death Star and whatnot. By changing things, George Lucas is only alienating the people who would find some reason to be offended either way - but in fifty years when no one knows/cares about different versions of Star Wars there'll be one lasting version without continuity errors to complain about.

I'm not saying I like the idea of changing the movies... but there's a logic behind it, and it's nowhere near as offensive as everyone would make it seem.
I should probably chime in considering I've bitched about this subject endlessly on various forums already.

I think that the Star Wars nutbags are all aruging the wrong way. I don't give a shit if Lucas edits the movies till the day he dies - just give me the option of watching the original. Make it a 6 disc set or something, its not that hard, is it?

Aside from the "changes", the audio on Episode IV is freaking terrible. I couldn't sit through the movie - all the sound flubs, audio spots and the like.
I agree LeHah, put both the original and the modified movie on the same DVD or at least in the same set. I don't watch all the extra features and documentaries, so if something had to be taken out to make room, those could go in my opinion.
Lucas will probably NEVER EVER re-issue the original versions again,simply because he sees the remastered ones as the final state of the movies. I don't really agree with him, but they're his movies.
I'm hardly offended that Lucas did what he did with his movies. But then, I was never a big Star Wars fan. The only time I really got pissed off about anything Star Wars was when I was reading the New Jedi Order series. And I was like, my God, this really is a space opera. And it's never going to end!

I only said that about the re re release thing cause I thought that episode of South Park was particularly funny.
It was probably a change that occurred with the special edition and is not new to the dvd, but I missed the Ewok celebration music at the end.

Its funny how fixing continuity issues in Star Wars is seen as bad when fans of every other series would probably invite such changes. If CR redid all of the WC games in the style of the movie I'd be disappointed, but some people are actually mad about this stuff. Its one guy's vision and he deserves to be able to do whatever he wants with it. This sense of entitlement for being a supporter of the franchise is BS, the people who went to see the movies and buy merchadise were doing it because they wanted to, not for some higher principle of supporting Lucas's vision.
BTW, I bought the gawddamned box and I love it. The movies look beatiful. Funny, I had no audio issues.