Star Wars Squadrons Also Forming Up (September 3, 2020)


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It's been a fun week for non-WC space sim news, so we'll keep that rolling today with another look at Star Wars Squadrons. We briefly highlighted the game back when it was announced in June, and now we're quickly coming up on release. In the intervening months, there have been new videos released that highlight both the gameplay and story. It looks to be shaping up quite well, and the price is decent too. It'll be just $39.99 when it ships October 2. A bunch of Wingnuts will be flying in the game's cross-platform dogfights when they arrive next month. Stop by #Wingnut on Discord to see who's playing and link up!

This is a story of daring pilots and a deep-seated rivalry. At the start of the game, you’ll create two customizable pilots: one flying for freedom as a part of the New Republic and the other imposing the Galactic Empire’s vision of order. From both their perspectives, you’ll get to see how the war unfolded on both fronts, including the goals held by each faction’s leaders.

Original update published on September 3, 2020


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I'm a bit skeptical to new Flight-sims these days but I do hope the Empire has a Campaign worth the effort.
Xwing and Tie Fighter are two games difficult to topple from their thrones in that regard. :)