Hey this one is for Quarto or Eder....I know you guys are busy in your free time taking care of Standoff episodes, so I apologize for asking for you help right now. I just want to let you know how much I personally enjoy the games you have put out and how much I apppreciate you guys keeping WC alive! It's the best presetn I've ever gotten and I don't even know you guys. ANYWAYS: I had a problem the first time I tried to play UE and Standoff a couple of months ago....I changed the compatability on my XP to WIN 98/95, but the game still wouldn't run...I asked for help in a post and you guys gave me some .DLL file(I think it was a .DLL file anyways, I'm not sure) to put in my directory, and the games ran perfectly....Anyways I need you to post that file again for download because my mom recently deleted all my games on accident before I could save a copy of that file. Please post again!!!! Thanks a million, gentlemen.
Hmm, I wonder if the FAQ could possibly have anything to say about that DLL :p.

(really, it takes less effort to open up a few old threads in search of an answer than it does to start a new one :) )