Standoff OST Upload


Rear Admiral
HI there I just found the original file from the not so famous Sim music, I really apologize for it, it seem that my experiment on Kilrathi interpretation of Terran Electronic music did not mix well with the action of the Sim missions.

anyway, you can find the music here at soundcloud under creative commons license, with the additional Theme track made by Michael Mahadeen with the proper credit.

if Michael Mahadeen or Quarto are of with this upload, I will let the the music there, otherwise I will removed them.


P.s.: If I have the opportunity to revisit this soundtrack I will change it for more proper music, based on the Wing Commander: Prophecy sim music
Do you still have the midi files for these sound tracks? I would love to play putting it through newer 2016 sound samples and sound fonts.
Heh, this reminds me of something: does anyone know if the soundtrack from the missions is available somewhere, since I've had a lot of trouble trying to use .TRE files.