Standoff Chapter Four Now Available


Greek Special Forces B' Company "Naoussa" 2007-200
I played it again and again and again.I think Ive completed every Chapter`s 1 missions,winning or losing and both endings with Sparrow.

Its perfect.Very good .I love you all :p :D


Well it's not perfect, I mean you could have had blue screens in the CIC instead of Red and.....

Actually that was my only gripe on the whole progect, I hope you divide the Firieka up into two rooms though, otherwise its going to get crowded with the flight sim and all!

On the positive side I LOVED it. It really does feel like Wing Commander, which was a little lacking from UE.


Mr. Standoff
Also, the Firekka has a "second room"... that would be the hangar deck. ;) Like on the Lionheart, except that you get to see it a lot more.
Howdy people i am a Great fan of Wing commander ever since WC3 WC4 is the best tho anyways Standoff is great cant wait till chapter 2 comes out great work stand off :)


how do i chang to win 85 mode in windows 2000?

i have a few old dos games and im trying to change to the old win 95 mode or 98
also im huntign down some old wing commander games on the net can ne one help?????


First Fang

Wooohoo! This sure goes a step beyond ue, can't wait for the next episode!!



Great job !! This mods is just what i was dreaming for !! i love WC 1 & 2
I hope you all will find the time to complete standoff at 100%.

a fan from belgium :p



A quick question; while looking through the screenshots, I noticed that you'd somehow been able to modify the pilot login sequence so that it WAS red, and had replaced Casey with Bradshaw, etcetera (quite pleased, BTW)

I was wondering if you were going provide an update to the prologue so that it will have the features available in the later chapters? I personally would find it a pleasant thing to have, as it really killed my connection to the game the first time Casey, Lance R. Showed up. :p


Mr. Standoff
Yes, we've finally managed to modify that annoying login screen. :)

The updated files will be included in the episode 2 package, and they will also affect Episode 1. The same holds true for most changes we've been making to the game: as long as you have the latest episode installed, the entire game will be as up-to-date as possible.


Unknown Enemy
Just noticed that this thread's title still said "Episode One now available" :p.

So, uh, yeah - if you've been in hibernation for the past month, take note that Episode Two is now also available :). Like before, see our homepage for details.


AWSOME, KICK ARSE!, im loving it, great mod... just had a few problems with it though, when it says go to within 1000 to scan the target the targets distance is like 80000 when im close enough to crash into the target, and I had a few issues with colliding with stuff that isnt there...for example the target friendly ship was close by but still abit away from me and I seemed to run into it and no enemy ships wer near so I didnt get shot, i just ran into it.. it was wierd,one other thing I noticed aswell, the green circle thats sposed to be where your sposed to fire isnt there if im behind the ship, I only see it when the ships facing me..mybe its sposed to be like that.. Ill record all those issues with fraps if they happen again.


Mr. Standoff
The name of the thread has been updated to reflect Ep 3's release... without any changes to the thread's content whatsoever, as is now Standoff tradition. :p


Awesome mod. I've just finished the first mission, it feels great to fly a Rapier II again. The "talking heads" are very nice, but some of the voice acting could have been better. I like the new music (WC3 ?) that plays in mission 1. I think it's a lot better than the annoying WC2 tunes in ep. I and II. Anyway, you guys did a great job. Thaks for keeping my favorite game alive.


space_pirate said:
I think it's a lot better than the annoying WC2 tunes in ep. I and II.

I don't think Needaham will be happy to hear this. :(

Anyway, I am not going to wait until tomorrow just so I can use the DSL at my university. I'm goin' spend the 6-8 hours it will take to d/l it, just so I can play tonight. YEAH, can't wait!