Squadron 42 Visual Teaser Released for Christmas (December 26, 2019)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
It's been a while since the Cloud Imperium team has shown off new Squadron 42 material, so they've put together a striking teaser of the game's visual effects. The new graphics shown off here are intended to highlight advancements made in the past year. There's definitely some pretty space environments to see! The Wing Commander-style single player campaign associated with these visuals will star Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies and many others. It's currently scheduled to advance to beta state in the later half of next year.

As a special holiday gift to all of you, we put together this visual teaser reel, highlighting some of the work we’ve done on Squadron 42 over the course of 2019.

Original update published on December 26, 2019
It would be nice to see this game leaving development hell finally, despite the dropped features, and that the combat itself is still less satisfying then it was from most 90's when it comes to "hotdogging"(though it has grown with leaps and bounds the past three years). And it also might hopefully stir up the market for space combat sims again.. Look at the best space combat sims to play in 2019, FS2, 18 years old, is still the third listed.
It looks stellar, certainly true.

Problem is, everything they release does. Ingame however, it glitches and stutters far too often to my liking, the whole polish aspect was not yet there. This and gameplay is what will make or break this game in the end, here is hoping Roberts & Team deliver the Awesome.