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Hi all:

Well the spore creature creator came out today. The game has a lot of potential, with the full version we get to design our own ships and vehicles, in addition to creatures.

Not enough parts to make a proper Kat, but i did put together this quick Crocrathi



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It looks like it it may also share your username with the entire world, which is extremely dangerous if you foolishly used your real name on your computer.

Hehehehe, better start watching out for those assassins!


Spore sure does look like it sucks.

Well that all depends on one persons perspective and preferences.
If you like the idea of taking your creature from the microbial level to an interstellar community, then from the looks of things, Spore will be for you. If not, thats just your style of play.

I've had a couple friends who would watch me play Wing Commander occasionally, and they would say that It looks like Wing Commander sucks as well.

All a matter of preference. :)

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Well, what's the worst any kind of spyware would do to you, send back all your Wing Commander pictures to a script kiddie? :p

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Well, what's the worst any kind of spyware would do to you, send back all your Wing Commander pictures to a script kiddie? :p

EA already owns all of my Wing Commander pictures. This is stupid obnoxious internet crap, though. EA having copy protection on their software isn't remotely similar to some teenager trying to steal your credit card number and you and everybody else in the world already know this. This is a textbook case of people complaining for the sake of complaining.


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Haven't got the full game yet, but somebody else already made a few wc spaceships.

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I still don't know if I should buy it or not. It had some pretty bad reviews and the prize is to high. On the other hand I see all these nice images and videos....mhh.


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So, the only reason people rated this game so low (on amazon) is because of the copy protection used? IGN gave it an 8.8, Metacritic an 86, and then the users rate it around a 1 because of DRM. And it would seem there are a ton of blogs and posts about how this horrible DRM and its limit of 3 activations being 'draconian' and blah-blah-blah. Isn't a company entitled to protect their software however they see fit? And shouldn't a person play the game before they actually say 'oh, well I read this review about the DRM and arbitrarily decided to throw a bad review at the game'?

I find it to be a pretty fun game, and I really like the way the users generate the content for the game. It definately makes things more interesting when you're not really sure what you're going to be up against the next time you play.