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Hey guys,

Happy new year!

Sorry for the general lack of progress on my projects. I basically had a lot of going on in my life in the past few months and ... well, long story short, I decided it was time to change jobs again. So I quit my job in the Portuguese Telecom industry and ended up joining Dropbox... which also involved relocating to a different country, which for me is a first. As things stabilize, I'll be able to get my hobbies back on track :)

Anyway, I'm in the process of relocating to Ireland, but, as it happens, Dropbox decided to bring me to the San Francisco office for a few weeks so I could get properly integrated with the main engineering team. So, I'm currently visiting SF and will be around for the next couple of weeks. I'd definitely be up to meeting any WC fan that might be around, so if anyone in SF wants to meet for a cup of coffee or just a quick chat, feel free to either PM or e-mail me, and we'll set something up.

(same goes for any Dublin WC-fan that may want to connect once i'm back there :) )


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While I won't be in San Francisco before May and most probably not in Dublin at all this year I wish you the best for your new job and location - with plenty of free time to work on your awesome projects. Sadly, I have never been to Portugal (yet) but some times in Ireland and I liked it very much even though I don't drink beer.
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Hey, congrats on the new job! Dropbox is great. Unfortunately I don't foresee getting back down there anytime soon, but I'll keep that in mind. I'm sure everyone on the staff and our frequent visitors would love to hang out sometime.
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Thanks guys :D This has certainly been an interesting experience so far!

I'm flying back on 17th, so I'll still have some time to look around a bit. First time in SF (heck, in the US at all!), so i'll see what tourist spots i'm able to visit until then :)


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I mentioned to one WC fan that lives in SF that you are in town, but he's in the process of moving to Santa Monica so that might not work out. However, if you do decide to make a sidetrip on a weekend or something down to Santa Monica/Los Angeles (probably not that practical) I'm sure LOAF would give you the CIG tour.


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Yeah, it's a six hour drive south to Santa Monica, but I'd recommend it if you can swing it. When else will you be so close to the seat of the Confederation? :D