Speed problems


Since I am running WC:U on my laptop and in regard of other low-tech systems (if a 1.6 Centrino plus Radeon 7600 counts as a low end Oo), I'd recommend instead of dumping models to lower res-mechs, to do missions where you haven't got to fight 17-20 enemies.

A different approach would be to leave this up to the player (so he can decide whether the missions should stop at a max of, let's say 6 enemies).
I have been flying through the SOL-sector and believe me, if you have 20 Kamehk, all the Confed pilots and the many bases in the system, then it runs very slow (about 6-10 fps).
I don't think that such environments are in the idea of the game, so I'd give the player more chance to adjust it.

I don't know whether this is at all possible, but it'd be very user-friendly.
Don't feel bad...
My 3.0ghz Athlon w/512mb ram does the same thing!
'Course my graphics were set up for DirectX, not OpenGL.
So, I have to setup everything for a really lousy computer, in the setup program.
In heavy systems I've had as low as 0 fps, and in light systems, as high as 93 fps.