Special Operations 1 Replay Week 4


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The final week of SO1 has arrived. This series is very intense! Fralthas galore as ever mission save the Thrakhath escape has them present. I am really looking forward to people's accounts of mission 2-D: the infamous two Fraltha strike mission. There are a multitude of ways to win that mission but it seems like almost everyone has their own little twist on it.

Good luck to you all! I look forward to reading the after-action reports!


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Ok, I thought the last two missions were the really hard ones but it turns out that it's those last three. I made it thru two missions so far, and will save the next two for a little later today. That last mission beats Kurasawa 2 in Wing Commander as well as the Guenhwyvar in Secret Ops on difficulty n my opinion.


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Sorry, but I'm still on a huge adrenalin high. I managed to not only survive SO1, I won Ghorah Khar 2-D. It was a mission of almost cinematic proportions and my hands were shaking as I made the final torpedo run in a very badly battered Sabre.

Ghorah Khar 5:

Hobbes and I meet with Major Edmond on the flight deck to discuss the situation. A small strike force has been detected approaching along the decoy route we plotted for the Kilrathi. Our teams are already intecepting and decoding their transmissions. Reminded by the Major's tale about the Kirsk, I wonder if the Kilrathi are laying a trap of their own. I ask the major to make certain that the situation is as it seems, there might be a larger fleet hanging around out there. She replied that she's doing the best we can with what she has. Which is all any of us can do.

I take off in a Crossbow and rendezvous with Hobbes and Lt Landis before setting off for the strike fleet. Some Drakhri attempt to intercept on our way but are quickly dispatched. The Drakhri CAP for the 2 Fralthra have no greater success in defeating us and three Crossbows start attack runs on the cruisers. In a near textbook operation, Hobbes and Landis take the near cruiser while I put a torpedo into the one further away. After that it's a race to see who can put the death blow into the cruiser. Hobbes is the winner, with the torpedoes of Landis and me disappearing in the big explosion. A single Drakhri attempts to enact revenge on our voyage back to Olympus, but takes a Pilum to the bow and explodes. Our elation is shattered upon our return to Olympus is short-lived. The Fralthra were just the leading elements of the attack. 5 carrier groups have entered the system, enough firepower to take on a Confed Battle Fleet. I land and let the techs refuel and rearm my fighter. We've got our work cut out for us.

Ghorah Khar 6:

Paladin meets Hobbes & I on the flight deck. He's decked out in a flight suit just as we are. It makes a nice change from that horribly loud shirt he normally wears. That's the only thing nice about it, though. He's heading out alone into the Sharn system to track the Kilrathi fleet. Without enough ships to cover the Bonnie H and Olympus he'll have to rely on the Kilrathi not bothering to dstroy him. Hobbes warns him against betting his life on it, but we have no choice.

Just as we launch to intercept the first wave of bogies, I get a communication from Paladin with a change to my orders. I'm to defeat the first wave and the meet up with the Bonnie Heather in the Sharn System. He's been damaged but there seem to be two different sets of Cats fighting over him. The battle over Olympus is as confusing as the circumstances. While Hobbes and I engage the Grikath's on their torpedo runs, another pilot destroys a capship. I didn't get a chance to find out what type. The journey to the Sharn system is a quiet one and it lets me gather my thoughts. On the other side of the jump point I find several Jalkehi and an ejected Kilrathi pilot. Fortunately, I have enough wits about me to ask Paladin what to do. He orders me to pick up the pilot, which I do as Hobbes and I sweep towards the Jalkehi in the area. The Jalkehi are quickly taken care of thanks to the Crossbow's heavy guns and I open a channel to the Bonnie Heather.

She's taken too much damage to jump back to Olympus, so it'll be a slow journey back with the Bonnie H under escort from Hobbes and I. I dock and Paladin unloads the pilot and takes him to the brig. After checking on the bridge to make sure that there are no bogies on the screen, Hobbes briefs me a bit further on the situation. The pilot I had rescued was Prince Thrakhath, heir to the throne of Kilrah. It seems that I rescued him minutes away from death. This is very serious news. Not only have we captured the Prince, but other Kilrathi were attempting to kill him. The Kilrathi Imperial family is in worse trouble than we thought.

Ghorah Khar 7:

We all meet to question the prince in his cell once Paladin passes word of his recovery. I arrive to find him cursing out everybody involved. Hobbes very neatly deflects the attack upon his honour the Prince makes, not rising to the challenge. It seems that one of the Prince's cousins, Khasra made an attempt to put himself in line to the throne by killing Thrakhath. It's a bold move and speaks to the current weakness of the Kilrathi Empire. Thrakhath expects to be killed but Paladin informs him that we'll be taking him back to confed HQ instead. This is could be very valuable to the war effort.

Paladin calls me to the bridge and instructs me to bring the Prince with me. Upon arrival we see another Kilrathi face on the communcations screen. Khasra knows that we have Thrakhath and demands that we hand him over or be destroyed. Thrakhath refuses to die aboard an enemy ship and, even though I hate everything he stands for, I can't let him be killed helplessly like that. Hobbes will take the Prince down the the Brig while I keep the fighters at bay.

That was the plan, anyway. Instead, the Bonnie Heather, still badly damaged, suffered a power failure while Hobbes was locking the Prince in his cell. Thrakhath has escaped and is on his way to engage Khasra. He informs me that Hobbes is all right as killing from behind is dishonorable and Hobbes is one of the few nobles who hasn't tried to kill him. I set off in hot pursuit of Thrakhath and find him in a dogfight with a large number of Gothris, Khasra's squadron. Upon my arrival at the battlefield he sends wingmen at me in ones and twos. After the fourth ship explodes under my guns he abandons the fight against Thakhath to engage me personally. I'm glad he finally identified the bigger target. Khasra's not a bad pilot but I've beaten him before and this time goes no differently as he misjudges a strafin pass and receives a full charge worth of Crossbow guns into his aft. As the Gothri explodes Thrakhath jumps out obviously unwilling to face me and no longer in need of defending his honour. The remaining Gothri attack me in a group of 3 and I have a desperate fight on my hands to kill them. My shields are completely gone as the last sputtering Gothri goes up in flames, but I've taken no serious damage. I return to the Bonnie Heather to report.

Ghorah Khar 8:

It seems I have returned to Olympus station just in time. Three carriers attacked them yesterday and they lost 14 fighters repelling the attack. The second wave is 15 minutes out and the only fighters ready to fight are two Sabres and a Ferret. We don't have time to refit the Crossbows so we have to engage in the Sabres. The extra torpedoes and manueverability will come in handy, but I'll miss the shields and armour. Remembering my promise to Angel to come back alive, I land and prepare to engage in a one-on-one battle of Sabre vs Fralthra.

Before setting off, I congratulate Major Edmon on her successfull detection of the enemy fleet. I shudder to think what would have happend had these 5 carriers caught us by suprise. I also ask her to try and call in some reinforcements, we'll need them. Hobbes and I get a shock on the way to the strike fleet. 2 Sartha on patrol aren't a suprise, but the two Sabres in hot pursuit are. Bear contacts me and informs me that the Admiral sent him on ahead when communications were lost with Olympus station. We quickly dispatch the Sartha and proceed to engage the Fralthra. Before we can torpedo the cruisers, we have to dispatch the Gothri protecting them. With the cruiser's flak guns and heavy AMG's throwing fire wildly into the battle, it seemed that things were turning against us before we could even engage the capital ships. That took a dramatic turn, however, when two undamaged Gothri collided after an attack run, destroying both. I quickly finished off the damaged fighter I was engaging as Bear and Hobbes destroyed the other. The three of us moved on to the cruisers but the AA was extremely heavy. Hobbes & Bear were both forced to eject, but not before one of them released a torpedo into the flanks of the lead cruiser. My own attack run was cut short by a burst of AMG fire from the second cruiser and I retreat out of range to recharge and regroup.

Using the longer range sensors of the Sabre, I lock a torpedo onto the damage cruiser. As I approach the two ships, I use a quick burst of afterburner to fake an attack run on the other cruiser. Both ships fired in the wrong direction. Before their guns could recharge I get close enough to release my own torpedo, destroying the first cruiser. I retreat back out of range and lock on to the second cruiser. Once my torpedo is locked I try to make a run against the second cruiser but am forced back by the AMGs. Obtaining a third lock, I repeat my previous tactic of using a short burst of afterburner to throw off the gunner's aim. It works again and I perform my approach and deliver the torpedo. On the way back out they aim a lot better, however, and damage my power plant and shield generator. While I don't need to recharge my guns at this point, my shields at half strength mean that I have to deliver the next torpedo just right as the flak will crack my shields and damage my badly scorched fighter on the way back out, likely killing me. My first attempt is cut short as the gunners on the Fralthra aren't fooled, forcing me to take evasive action. The mess up big time on the second run and I dart in to close range. I don't want to risk the torpedo being shot down by flak. I release at 2.5 thousand kilmoters and then flip over and apply the afterburners, getting out of there before the torpedo goes off.

I just manage to escape the blast radius, taking some more damage through the shields but fortunately hitting the armour. I set course for the Concordia in a very battered Sabre. The scene upon landing reminds me of when I destroyed K'Tithrak Mang with what seems like the entire crew cheering me on. I receive the congratulations and thanks of the Admiral for turning defeat into victory. He relays some very disturbing news after the celebration, though. While we managed to save Ghorah Khar, Kilrathi forces captured the Deneb sector command. Confed's going to try to get it back and the Concordia will most likely be leading the force.


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I wish I could say it was my skill that won the day, but I'd likely have lost the dogfight if those two Gothri hadn't collided. I think my wingmen getting that torpedo into the first Fralthra was also key to my success. The single run against two cruisers was dangerous enough even using the slight offset to my attack run to throw off the AMGs and locking the torpedo from 16,000k.

By my count, I've got 799 kills. Really want to use a savegame editor to get that reflect on the kill board.


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GREAT JOB!!! You deserve some sort of recognition or something. I've died more times than I can count on the 2-D mission, but your tip could save the day for me. I'll keep trying but will obviously be late on the journal.


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I think the biggest tip is to get two Gothri to run into each other :) That's what saved the day for me. The offset torpedo run doesn't work all the time, but as long as you stay back far enough aborting the run doesn't cost you anything except for some afterburner fuel.

I should also write my journal in something other than notepad. Re-reading it now is embarassing with all the spelling mistakes.


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One little thing that I've found useful is to afterburn away from the capital ships. The Gothris will still pursue, but you won't have to deal with flak or anti matter gun shots.


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There really is nothing quite like seeing two heavy fighters collided into each other. It's one of those rare events that when it happens is usually the one thing you can point back to as having most helped you finish the mission.

Congrats on your success!


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Hmm, I didn't try drawing them away. You'd have to be careful that you draw the entire dofight away and not just leave your wingmen to get dog-piled.


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Actually, drawing the fighters away does not let your wingmates get kittie-cornered. It's quite useful to keep damage low for that important capship strike. I've also done some practicing, and I may have a good shot at finishing that mission soon at long last.


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I've been meaning to ask. Are you getting bad graphical corruption during this mission? I had an engine flare randomly showing up on my screen during the battle as well as being unable to launch my missiles at the Gothris. I got the distinct impression the game engine was struggling.


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Yeah, I encountered some graphical glitches like you described. I never tried to launch missiles on the Gothris, since it's a very messy furball of a fight with all my concentration needed. I have almost an hour's worth of attempts on that final mission recorded, so I can take my time to see if Fraps captured it. I also have...

FINAL VICTORY FOR SO1!!! Sheesh, talk about a mission that took FOREVER to get thru but the added screen shots from just that mission alone are worth the toil.

P.S. - I've checked thru the recorded video once and it seems to not capture the graphics glitch with Fraps. I'll keep looking, and I have two parts for that final mission to upload to YouTube. I'll be adding more screen shots to Photobucket too.

P.S.S. - Looks like part one of the video captured the glitch for a moment, and I got a screen shot too.


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Congrats DaveO!

Those are some dangerous torpedo runs! I was playing a lot more conservatively, I think. If the AMGs were fired in a direction anywhere near me, I'd pull back and try again.


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Thanks for the comments! My certainly dangerously aggressive approaches I hope explains why it took me so long. I did not realize most of them were very close calls, so if anybody else is going to be doing this mission, I'd recommend Lorien's more conservative torpedo runs rather than mine. Next week starts Special Ops 2 with Maniac, Jazz, and Morningstar mayhem. I always wondered what happened to both the Crossbow and the Morningstar since you never see them again or hear them mentioned as retired for a reason. Given the glitches on the Morningstar, ESPECIALLY on the jump drive system I suspect this project was abandoned(or perhaps that nuke on the ship was far more a driving force to its retirement).


gh0d (Administrator)
That a ship is never mentioned again doesn't mean it no longer exists, just that we don't see it.

(Don't make me drag out the "space toilet" analogy... :p )


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Ghorah Khar 5
Hobbes and I see Major Edmond again on Olympus station. She tells us that so far, long-range patrols have only sighted a small strike fleet coming along the path that we arranged with the decoy data pod. The Major has set up teams to assist with interception and decoding of the Kilrathi communications. I admit my surprise that the Kilrathi have not committed more forces, and ask the Major if this communications data is correct. She’s doing her best with what she has available, and I tell her to continue her work. I launch in a Crossbow with Hobbes and Landis as my wingmates. Our first encounter are three Drakhri, but they are completely no match versus three Crossbows. I target and destroy all three fighters and continue to the next nav point. There are four more Drakhri here along with two Fralthra cruisers. Taking out the Drakhri again proves fairly simple, and I start my approach on the cruisers. They both withdraw before I can get in range, and I head back to Olympus. There is a lone Drakhri on our way back, and he is destroyed with only minor troubles. On my landing approach to Olympus, Paladin tells me to stay on the flight deck. My ship will be refueled and refitted, and I’ll launch again. I ask Paladin what is going on since those capital ships we went after left the area. Paladin says that this was not the entire attack force, and there are five carrier groups coming this way. This group destroyed our patrol ships before we could receive a warning. Major Edmond detected some of their tactical communications, and was able to determine the size of the fleet by using their command codes. The system will soon be swarming with cats, so it’s very important to launch again ASAP to do what we can about this strike group.

Ghorah Khar 6
I see Paladin again before my next launch from Olympus station. He tells me that he is heading out to another system to track the incoming approach vectors of the fleet. I tell Paladin that his ship would be in great danger if a Kilrathi squadron found him alone. Paladin accepts the risk since there are not enough ships to cover both the station and him. He also thinks that one Free Trader ship won’t attract Kilrathi attention, and Hobbes also warns him not wager his life on this assumption. Upon takeoff, I get a communication from Paladin. I tell him that the Kilrathi are beginning their assault on Olympus. Paladin gives me orders to defend Olympus from this first wave and then head to his position as quickly as possible. His ship was attacked by a small squadron of Kilrathi. The power plant and jump capacitor are both damaged, so he can’t jump or defend himself. This squadron broke off their attack when another group of Kilrathi came into the same sector and started shooting at them. I concentrate on that first wave of Kilrathi attacking Olympus, and there are three Grikaths in a tight formation looking to destroy me quickly. I focus on and destroy the middle fighter, but my shields and armor are damaged. The other two Grikaths break formation, and I nail a second one without too much more damage to my ship. My wingmate takes down the capital ship, and flak from Olympus wipes out that last Grikath. I head off to the jump point and make the jump with no opposition. I then notice an ejected Kilrathi pilot floating around, and ask Paladin if I should pick him up. Paladin does want me to retrieve the pilot, which is fortunate for him since his life support was failing. I then engage the Kilrathi squadron, and there are multiple Jalkehis here. I focus on and destroy one, but not before taking damage and running into Hobbes. I go after a second Jalkehi, and he does damage to more of my ship systems before I can kill him. Fortunately, I take out the remaining two Jalkehis with no more damage to my ship. I then head off to defend Paladin’s Bonnie Heather. There are only two Jalkehis here, and Paladin ices one with flak before I can finish it off. I destroy the remaining Jalkehi with a barrage of full guns. I set my Crossbow into a parking position alongside the Bonnie Heather. I give Paladin a kill score card for this mission as well as letting him know that I have the Kilrathi pilot. Paladin wants to have a chat with the pilot, and explains that due to the power plant damage on his ship I’ll need to stay close to keep any Kilrathi away. After no more Kilrathi pursuit, I land on Paladin’s ship and ask Hobbes where he is. Hobbes gives me the incredible news that I rescued Prince Thrakhath. I ask Hobbes if he’s joking, but he’s very serious. The heat regulator on his suit broke, which was leading to him being slowly frozen to death. A few more minutes would have left the Prince a corpse. Paladin is questioning the Prince at the brig, so Hobbes recommends that I join Paladin there.

Ghorah Khar 7
Paladin, Hobbes, and myself are having a nice little chat with the Prince. Thrakhath accuses Hobbes of having no honor by holding him prisoner. Hobbes rebukes the Prince’s notion of honor, and Paladin points out that we could have just left him floating in space. Without our actions, we’d not be having this conversation. Thrakhath tells us that Khasra was behind what happened to him. Khasra tried to kill the Prince, but Thrakath made it hard for Khasra by taking out eight members of his squadron. Khasra still got the upper hand by destroying Thrakhath’s fighter, and the Prince swears to kill Khasra at his next opportunity. The Prince asks us what we’ll do, and Paladin says that we’ll take him to Confed High Command. Paladin advises enjoying our hospitality during this trip. A while later, Paladin asks me to bring the Prince to the communications room. I ask Paladin what is going on, and he points out Khasra on the communications screen. Khasra makes it known that he realizes that we are holding Thrakhath, and the Prince returns a threat to kill Khasra. Khasra gives us a choice: Return the Prince and possibly live, or face complete destruction. Paladin points out that there is still a full squadron to support Khasra. Thrakhath wants to make a final stand against Khasra, and says that it is a matter of honor to not die aboard an enemy ship. I tell the Prince that even though I hate his guts and everything the Kilrathi Empire stands for, I won’t let Khasra kill him. Thrakhath then offers to fight with me, but I insist on keeping him in the brig. I undock my Crossbow from Paladin’s ship, and attempt to establish communication to tell him that I’m heading to intercept Khasra’s squadron. After getting no reply, I try to get a reply from Hobbes. Thrakhath responds to my communication, and tells me that the Bonnie Heather had a power failure just as Hobbes was putting the Prince back in the brig. Thakhath only knocked Hobbes out since killing somebody from behind is dishonorable, and also wanted to return a favor in letting Hobbes live since he has not made an attempt on the Prince’s life. Thrakath is taking Hobbes’ Crossbow, and I tell him to dock or be destroyed. The Prince notes correctly that he is out of range of my missiles, and will personally deal with Khasra and his fellow pilots. I try telling the Prince that he has no chance against those odds, but he insists it is a matter of honor between himself and Khasra. He will kill Khasra regardless of the impossible odds. I really don’t want to let Thrakhath get away, so I send a communications message that I’m going after the Prince. I manage to catch up to Thrakhath, and he is fighting six Gothri fighters in the Crossbow. I focus on one of the Gothris heading directly for me, and destroy his ship on the first pass. A second Gothri comes straight at me while I’m shooting at him and kamikazes into my Crossbow. The next cat that comes after me is Khasra. I launch a missile to keep him occupied and also lay down a barrage of gun fire. He decides to retreat after taking too much damage. I switch to rear guns and blow away a Gothri attempting to get me from behind. I damage a second one that way, and switch to the forward view to finish him off. My autopilot light comes on, so I must have taken out a fifth one with one of those missiles I launched. I head back to the Bonnie Heather, and Paladin asks what happened during my approach. I tell Paladin that Thrakhath used my intervention to make his escape, and he regrets losing such a prize to take back to Confed High Command. Paladin asks me to dock and refuel since our priority now is to get back to Olympus station before the rest of the strike fleet arrives.

Ghorah Khar 8
On my return approach to Olympus, they express surprise that I’m still alive. Three of the five Kilrathi carrier groups attacked yesterday, with the first wave killing fourteen Confed pilots. The next assault wave is fifteen minutes from its final approach. Olympus has made multiple attempts to call for reinforcements, but they have been jammed by the Kilrathi. Since Hobbes and I are the only ones that can help here, I offer to assist in the defense. Only two Sabres and a Ferret are ready on the flight deck. Olympus offers to refit the Crossbows that we are flying, but there is no time. I ask Hobbes if he thinks he is up for this challenge. Hobbes thinks that this will be entertaining, and I express my acknowledgement of the grim odds. I’ve promised Angel to come back alive, and I intend to make my best effort to fulfill that promise. I land on Olympus and see Major Edmond before I head for the waiting Sabre. I congratulate her on the work she has done in detecting the enemy fleet approach. The Major says that she’s just doing her job, but I tell her that without her assistance Olympus would have had no warning of the attack. The Major makes the observation that there is a big fleet, and my odds of survival are very small at best. I tell her that I’ve had situations where I broke the odds, and ask her to make the best possible effort to get a message thru the communications jamming and call in reinforcements. I hear the warning klaxon go off, which means the fleet has been sighted. The Major wishes me good luck, and I thank her. Along the way to the strike fleet, I receive a communication from ‘Bear’ who offers to help out. Admiral Tolwyn sent ‘Bear’ and another pilot ahead after losing communication with Olympus. ‘Bear’ also points out that there is a big strike fleet coming. I ask ‘Bear’ to form on my wing so that we can attack the cats together. There are two Sartha fighters that my Sabre makes short work of, but one of them took out the wingmate of ‘Bear’. Knowing that this is not a good way to begin against such bad odds, I decide to make a gamble upon approaching the cruisers. I afterburn away to 30000 kilometers in an effort to draw the fighters away from the cruisers. The gamble works, and our group engage the Gothris. I pursue a Gothri and wipe out the fighter with guns. During the pursuit, I run into Hobbes and take frontal armor damage. I go after a second Gothri, and he is eliminated without more damage. Going after a third Gothri gives my ship more damage, with the rear armor significantly chewed up. One of the Gothris launches a missile, and I use afterburners to keep the missile from hitting. A fourth Gothri takes dedicated pursuit, and he really tries his best against us. ‘Bear’ is forced to eject, and I take a number of hits to my ship systems. My engines have been damaged, and I finally frag that furball’s fighter. I notice that Hobbes and I are just within range of the cruisers, and I get away from the deadly flak and anti matter gun fire. Hobbes tries a more heroic approach, but he’s forced to withdraw. I get into range and lock on a cruiser with a torpedo. I afterburn to throw off any anti matter gun fire and to also get within good torpedo range quickly. After a VERY close call with anti matter guns, I let one of the cruisers have it with my first torpedo. I afterburn again and get out of range. I get into range again and do the same tactics for my next torpedo run. One cruiser is destroyed, and I again get out of range for my next pass. Again, afterburning makes the cruiser shoot wide and I let loose with a torpedo. I again head to get out of range, but not before the cruiser tries to shoot me from behind. Fortunately, distance and some evasion help to make that attack miss. On my fourth pass, the cruiser again misses with anti matter guns and I shoot a torpedo. He is destroyed, and Olympus establishes communication due to reading distress beacons. I tell them that all the other fighters withdrew or were shot down. Due to Search and Rescue heading for those ejected pilots, I decide to head back. I approach the Concordia instead of Olympus for my landing. I am congratulated on saving Ghorah Khar, and in the hangar bay is a rather large reception. Admiral Tolwyn is there to express his gratitude, and says that I have turned defeat into victory. The Admiral explains that the Kilrathi are retreating on all fronts, and we have struck a major blow.
Meanwhile, at the Kilrathi Battle Command, Prince Thrakhath tells the Emperor news that the defeat at Ghorah Khar was merely part of a deception. By diverting the Confed fleet from the Enigma sector to prevent Ghorah Khar from being destroyed, Kilrathi forces were sent into the Deneb sector. Deneb Sector Command was captured in only six hours, and soon the Kilrathi will control all of Deneb. The Emperor is impressed with the Prince’s performance in comparison to K’Tithrak Mang, and Thrakhath promises not to have another failure. The Emperor makes it perfectly clear what would happen if Prince Thrakhath did fail again. The Prince tells the Emperor of Khasra’s demise at my hands, so he must have been waiting to jump Khasra after he withdrew from attacking my Crossbow. The Emperor is saddened by this news, but he feels that the death in combat was honorable. This is more than the Emperor expected of him, and the Emperor asks the Prince of his plans. Thrakhath will be waiting for the sure attempt to recapture Deneb Sector Command. Once Confed makes their move, the Prince will be quite ready to show no mercy in his response.

P.S. - I think I'll post the intro video to SO2 today since it's short and easy. I'm looking forward to the posts on the upcoming missions!


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I won Special Operations 1. The last battle was very tough. You are right guys, after you destroy enemy fighters you have to attack the cruisers carefully.. when they fire at you directly, evade on afterburners.. there is no other way to beat this mission. good luck!


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Glad to hear another victor against that tough mission! I was despairing for a while on whether I could beat it, but managed to pull thru. I suspect the fourth mission in Wing Commander 4 is going to be just as hard as this one to complete...


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Ha! I hear people talk about spending an hour trying to pass 2-D. I've spent the better part of a week trying to do so. Still haven't. I've managed to blow up one cruiser and make one successful run on the other, but still haven't been able to blow it up. A couple of times, Bear and his wingman managed to nail one of the cruisers, then two Gothri ran into me. Lovely. I think I just need to be a little more patient. I get over eager on that last run, and that AMG gets me. Every time.

Unless my wingmen shoot me down first. Or run into me to death. Those seem to happen quite a bit, too.