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Space sim games

I know many of you do like some of the other space sims such as the Freespace series and Tachyon, perhaps even the X-wing series. But what do you guys think about Starlancer and its up coming sequel, Freelancer? on a side note i happen to enjoy Freespace and the X-wing series as well as wing commander..which is apparent.


First, Freelancer is not a sequel to Starlancer. Thats like saying the Privateer was a sequel to WC1.
Starlancer had good game play but the storyline suck. Which is why I feel that space sims have bonb since WCP. WCP was the last space sims with a good storyline.


Tachyon was pretty cool, kinda like a newer Priavteer-with less areas to move around in, of course.

Starlancer wasn't that bad, although I didn't much care for the fact that it wasn't very culminating, despite what they tried to make it seem like, it just kinda seemed like you were fighting to fight. However, the actual story behind the game, is relatively interesting. Just not the actual plot of the game. (Whether that's what you meant or not though John, I'm not really sure.)

Man, god damn Freelancer-just come out already!


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Originally posted by Johnl12
It looks like Freelancer may have been push back to the Spring of 2003. This game may never be release.
I'm pretty sure it WILL be released, they have done a lot a work on it. Well, Spring 2003 is far away, but I hate playing "non-finished" games...



Bah, I'll not bother with it if they don't give me control of the ship itself... this whole "let the AI handle it, you handle the guns" is pathetic. Sewer Shark, anyone? This is little more than a souped up shooter, as it stands.


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I still say you shouldn't judge something before you've tried it. Although, I think it would be a bit odd if they didn't include an option for having control or not.
The only X-Wing me I'm justified to have an opinion of is XW Alliance. Decent enough game, but it just isn't all that interesting to me. I don't know why...
Tachyon I didn't enjoy. The battles were weird, the nebulae almost burned a hole through my Rage Fury (I KNOW it has a problem with fog), there wasn't much ambience from the music, but those space stations were E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S! :eek: I REALLY felt tiny in that game!
Freespace... seems to be a sensitive issue here, so I'll keep my thoughts on it to myself.
Starlancer, now that's a game I really enjoyed playing! I recently completed the last mission in total success as well, WOOHOO! :cool: Awesome music as well. The only problem is that the game ends so suddenly... Otherwise it's totally OK by me. Not the best, but good enough.
Freelancer seems to be a really interesting game. What interests me most is actually that mouse controlling stuff. I'm definitely buying it.

Why hasn't anybody mentioned Independence War? Now, THERE's a good space-sim! And hard, sure enough. Still, close to perfection.


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The entire X-Wing series rocked, from X-Wing all the way to Alliance. Each one had it's own reasons too: X-Wing was by far the hardest and cheapest of the series, TIE Fighter was damned fine gameplay with a good story and Alliance a combo of the pervious two with good graphics.

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I love the Star Wars sims for a bunch of reasons.

Number one is that it's not Wing Commander. Supposedly Origin tried to license Star Wars when Chris came up with WC back in 89/90... Lucasfilm said no, and so disaster was averted (well, from our perspective, at least).

Number two is... also that it's not Wing Commander. Unlike other (StarLancer, Freespace, Tachyon, Star Crusader, etc.) companies trying to cash in on Wing Commander's early success, Lucasarts actually developed an *original* take on space sims. There was an entirely different strategy involved in X-Wing... and that made it *fun*. Accomplishing stuff in X-Wing and TIE Fighter game you a real sense of accomplishment (well, it sounds like that should be obvious... but how many games pull it off?)

I spent the weekend playing Rebel Assault on the 3DO. Does this make me a bad person?


The original X-Wing was pretty difficult. I think its the only space combat sim that I've gotten less than halfway through (iirc, fizzled out just barely into the third campaign). TIE Fighter was fun, even if the super fighters did start to take over the game (every now and then someone will start up a thread over at the SWG dev forums talking about fighters, and someone will mention the TIE Advanced, TIE Defender, and Missile Boat). Starlancer was annoying because of its tendency to have really, really bad cutscenes that would occur (such as when a flight of torpedo bombers uncloak right next to your carrier and torpedo it) and end your mission, using elements that only appear when you screw up the mission. And I never did finish that final mission.
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter was great because it had all sorts of multi-player options. The only multi-player thing you couldn't do was build your own battles. X-Wing Alliance was nice because it had all of the good single and multi-player things that X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter didn't have, but was screwed up because it didn't have all of the good things that X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter had. Its as if LucasArts somehow decided that X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter was a horrible, horrible game, and they had to create a game that was the complete negation of it.


Originally posted by LeHah
The entire X-Wing series rocked, from X-Wing all the way to Alliance. Each one had it's own reasons too: X-Wing was by far the hardest and cheapest of the series, TIE Fighter was damned fine gameplay with a good story and Alliance a combo of the pervious two with good graphics.
I agree 200%!