Space Game Junkie Covers Armada (August 24, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Here's a streaming miniseries from a while back that we entirely missed. SpaceGameJunkie took his followers through a big overview of Wing Commander Armada. The game can be a tough one to get into these days, so kudos for SGJ for toughing through it for four episodes. With that being said, Armada has some absolutely fantastic features, so I try to make sure to highlight it whenever I get a chance. The big selling point is multiplayer. It was way ahead of its time in 1994 with split screen local play, modem hookup and network support for up to six players. With some modern DOSBox tricks, it's not even hard to simulate a network for play on the internet today. There's also a major strategic element where players explore a sector, build mines/shipyards and hunt the opposing carrier. This mode doesn't have a ton of depth, but it's high on replayability. The story-based gauntlet adventure is conveyed via text, but it's the first (and only, so far!) WC game to have built-in cooperative multiplayer missions. In order to try something different in the Wing Commander universe, don't miss it! You can also watch Dundradal and I battle it out after last year's CIC Birthday party here.

Original update published on August 24, 2020