Space Game Documentary Covers Space Sim History (May 21, 2020)


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We've got a fun documentary about our favorite genre of video games today. was put together to explore the history of these types of games and how they evolved around the turn of the century. It also touches on the recent resurgence of the space combat sim and where they're going from here. Chris Roberts was interviewed for the production and his quotes are used throughout. There are also numerous German space sim developers/fans on camera, so I'd recommend blowing it up full screen and taking advantage of the closed caption translations. I haven't finished it yet, but I like what I see so far! Here's the trailer, and the full film is below:

Hi Wing Commander CIC team!

I'm Dominic, filmmaker and computer games nerd. With my colleague Patrick I made "", a documentary about the history of space games and the passionate developers behind them. For this film we shot with Chris Roberts, Rob Cunningham (Homeworld 3) and Michael Schade (Everspace), among others (Trailer).

The protagonists tell about the most important milestones of the genre and how they connected to it. Starting with the moon landing, on to Wing Commander and Elite, all the way to Star Citizen, the film takes a cross country journey through digital space.

The film is certainly interesting for space game fans, but also for computer game fans in general, as it shows the minds behind the games and the passion that goes into making games.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Original update published on May 21, 2020