Soup quality is restaurant quality.


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See, I was at my local microbrewery today having lunch and my friend got the soup with her sandwich instead of salad. I got salad. The soup was cream of spinach. And I tried it and the flavor was okay, but for a creamy soup you could tell that it was horribly watered down. And I really got thinking how at many restaurants I've been to that obviously waters down their soup, the food is always just so-so.

The beer is all that place really has going for it. And their food is all about their presentation instead of actually quality. So anyhow, be wary of the restaurant that serves diluted soup! And if it's not, then the food may very well be worth it.
I don't see what's wrong with this thread... It's really quite hard to find a good soup anymore. There are a few chinese places I like but other than that...


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Soup is a more powerful force than any restaurant can handle. It is something only the most seasoned chef can prepare properly, and only his the confines of his kitchen can he perfect his/her soup.
Bah any person who puts water in a creamy soup is dumb it breaks it down. That is the problem..use milk or heavy whip..keeps it from turning into crap.

The micro brewery I used to work at made all thier soups from scratch, and outside of the beer, and the philly sandwiches, and award winning hotwings lol (list just keeps getting longer), the soup was what people came to eat.....we would only cut a half a case of iceburg and romain, and have to make gallons of soup lol.


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Indubidoubly! When I worked at The Deli, our soup moved the fastest. And Friday was Clam Chowder day. After I learned how to make it, my boss just put me in charge of it and eventually the soup making altogether. And people loved my Clam Chowder by far. I knew this because my boss watered down the soup. Wanna know what else he did? He made half of it out of a frozen block of last weeks soup that didn't sell. And he would tell me sometimes just to use the block of ice soup, but then he'd go on errands and I would throw the block away and make it from scratch.

I don't understand how a chef with any conscience could do that to their soup.


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I thought you liked Roosters more than that.


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We would re-use soup but never when its frozen..and never if it was a day or two old. You lose alot of the flavor of ANYTHING if you freeze it after it has been cooked or thawed.


Your right, I work at a restaurant too and we never, I mean never freeze soup, that is a cardinal sin! We serve 3 soups every day, Clam chowder, Tortilla, and Roasted Red pepper, they are never at any point frozen or at any point use frozen ingerdients. More to the point, this thread is right, if the soup is watered down the restaurant is crap; no self respecting chef, or sous chef, or line cook, would ever water down soup like that, it reduces flavor and changes texture. And yes the restaurant I work in is the busiest in town, we are a family owned restaurant, not a corporate franchise, maybe that has something to do with it.

My advice, dont eat at a corporate restaurant unless you are in the mood for fastfood, thats all it is, go to a family owned, or a restaurant owned by an actual chef for really good food.

I worked at both family owned and Corporate. It all depends on the kind of corporation you work at, there are a few out there that still try to maintain a level of quality of a family owned restaraunt.

THough sometimes family owned places can be crap to, especially when they are cutting corners to save money. Restaraunts aren't really all that profitable unless you find a niche, or work in a right work state and don't have to pay your waitstaff minimum wage lol.


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