Sound prob with Privater 1


I finally figured out how to use the setupsa program properly- I thought it was seeing my sound card's settings, but I had to change one number and that fixed the problem. That'll learn me not to skip through stuff like that! Anyway, thanks for the help! Any reccomendations on Priv 2? Not sure if I should get it or not...


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If you buy it, break the CDs into tiny pieces and then burn them in a cleansing ritual

Actually, it depends. Some people absolutely hate it - like me - while others absolutely love it. So, if you can get a chance to try it before buying, do so, lest you end up very disappointed. But of course, there's always the possibility that you'll love it
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I, personally, love it, but more from a cinematic standpoint than from a gaming standpoint. Not that there's anything specifically wrong with the gameplay; it just doesn't seem as "free" as the first Privateer.