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If any of you are familiar with Galactic Civilizations 2, then you would know there is a custom ship designer in the game. Well, someone went through and posted, a majority of the Confed Fleet. Thought you guys might dig it, this guy put in alot of time and detail.

Just thought everyone would enjoy this.


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Um... I'm sure I'll be in the minority, but the only model I cared for was the Bengal. The Concordia and Confed class looked way too much alike and wierd. The fighters were ok, but... I don't know, just not my thing I guess. Thanks for the contribution though.


The ship builder is cool, but it is a bit limitted.
Just hoped a few would enjoy it. I dig seeing vintage games being modded into current ones.


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considering the limitations on what you can do with galciv parts.. those are pretty neat! I like that someone put in the effort.


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Huge Armada Assembled for Galactic Civilizations 2 (February 9, 2010)

Midnightrunner has performed an incredible feat with the Galactic Civilizations 2 ship editor. Without the use of any external mods, he's created nearly a hundred Confed and Kilrathi ships for the game. It's almost easier to start naming ships that he hasn't digitized. Some of them look a little closer to the originals than others, but the accuracy he's reached with the tools available is amazing. Unfortunately his download links are currently offline, but if anyone has a copy of his fleet packs, please let us know! You can provide feedback and check out all the designs at the GalCiv2 forums. Thanks to Marauder_IIc.
Thank you for the compliments on the Wing Commander ships.

I have to admit that I'm a bit proud of what I created. But don't ask me how many hours I needed for all of them - I didn't count them.

Original update published on February 9, 2010
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That looks like it took a tremendous amount of effort, but the download links are down. Does anyone have a copy of the files or see a way to contact the creator?


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beautiful work... even the non-WC ships that are done in WC colors and structure-style look authentic and are beauties.

I have GalCiv 2 and know how much work it is to build ships in the ship-editor (even with just the parts it comes with, nevermind building/importing new parts)... you really did an excellent job. Must have taken a lot of time.

Wish I could mass-produce my paper-ships like that. There's got to be like a dozen ships there that I'd love to do in cut'n'fold paper format, but simply don't have the time, or room, or skills.


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We didn't hear anything back on this end. Someone should ask around in the GalCiv community - someone must have them there.


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thanks for the reply. the first place I looked was the library. unfortunately, someone there asked about these in early 2012, and that was the last post on the topic of these particular models. A glance at midnightrunner's profile also reveals he hasn't been active there since 2010. I figured I should try again here, even if it meant digging up and old and buried thread.

However, not all is lost galciv fans, this pack has some good models that are a sort of kit bash between the kilrathi and confed designs. And if you don't have GalCiv2 yet, just wait for the next steam sale. My hard copies were too damaged and I picked up the ultimate edition for under 5 usd.


does anybody still know if these are lying around on anybody's desktop or if anybody could send them over email?