some more wct screens


showing of the fralti ingame and a few other things...

the gettysburg laungching a wing of raptors:

a venture, about to get "neutronized"

a fralthi under fire:

kilrathi never turn their backs on a fight...well almost never...

the austin is gettin' pounded! kilrathi fighters!
hi chevie. long time lurker. love nexus. i've read it crashes a lot but i am grateful i have not had this problem (knock on wood). im gonna take a second to state that wing commander was the first computer game i ever played and i've been hooked to the universe ever since. i love the screenshots and i am positively tickled. i cant wait. So.... when is this mod comin out?
Yeah some video footage would be very good to add as well. The screens look nice, but where are you in the overall game status of this mod? Have you don't any scripted missions yet? (I thought I remember you saying there would be a campaign to this mod). How close are you to releasing something?
Unfortunately it is still just the 2 of us right now and I don't know anything about mission scripting. I'm working on making everything work in Nexus the way it should in WC, and I'm progressing right now. CB is doing a mix of everything right now but I don't know how far he's gone into mission script.
well, i'm not really a good coder. it took me ages to get just into the basics of nexus.
yes there will be a campaign...if we find somebody to script it...
So do you just have skirmish missions at the moment or from what are you takeing the screenshots?
Funny idea would be to play the nexus campain with WC ships....but since their are more different races you could make it different Clans for the Kilrathi and maybe Confed and Boarderworlds/Landreich ships for the Human side.

Another question is...are you using beams? From the sceens I got the impression as if you do.
well, there will be more confed races named in my story then just humans and firekkans, but you won't play the vanilla nexus campaign anyway.
for now i'm integrating all ships in a single sample mission, just to look how they behave and sort out the one ot ther balancing issue, sine afaik there are no charts defining how much power a heavy neutron cannon or laser turret have
The pictures look fantastic.

Really, they do... I'd offer suggestions for improvement but I have nothing to offer. Great work.

Whot's about firing SFX?
As i remember in wc universe we are have no "continue" weapon like laser in Nexus.
Ore just "low time" like me? :)
it's a hriss. it's pretty much an upgraded version of the jalthi, which came up in one of the secret missions.

as for the firing effects, we will have beam weapons. most notably the lasers, but also the kilrathis proton accelerator and possibly the tachyon cannon(tachyons fly AT LEAST the speed of light, after all)

mass drivers, neutrons, mesons and plasmas etc use bolts.
Languitch problem....
Meson fire is the sphere of light-blue color, diameter 1-3 m.
And other SFX have а form and color from wc1-wc2 and size equivalent gun sise.
I think its true.