Some amateur fan-art.

Hey folks! I'm a long time admirer of Wing Commander, and I was inspired by fongsaunder's comic to post some of the Wing Commander-style fan-art I have lying around in my binders and such. I'm no super-artist, and I know I drew it all out on lined paper, but I hope you enjoy it anyways. Any positive feedback will be definitely appreciated, I know i'm a pretty lacklustre artist :p



I have to say...I hate this one, to be honest. It looks absolutely nothing like the devastator, and just looks blocky. :(


Gladius variant
The gladius was always my favourite ship in WC: Armada, and i tried to re-imagine it as a torpedo-bomber with turrets. A bit fanboyish perhaps.

This one looks a little bit stupid, because i couldn't quite remember what the Broadsword looked like when I was sitting in school. Also, everyone tells me the wings look "bent" because I probably haven't gotten ahold of 3-D proportions yet.

Broadsword again, this time in color!
This one looked a lot better, I think.

A Banshee chasing a Ferret
I haven't quite figured out weapons and weapon trails, really.


I probably miss out on the details of ships lots because i'm drawing it at school and can't remember exactly what the ship looks like, so i try and take a bit of artistic license. In any case, enjoy!

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That's cool that you shared your art Pedro. Yeah, the Devastator picture isn't your best. Perhaps I could use it for the next superfighter on the aweful fanfic superfighter's thread.. just teasing. Drawing pictures of fighters while in class was a favorite past time of mine too when I was in school. Welcome to the Wing Commander forums!


Neat. Very generous of you to share your art with the community. Looks like you've got quite a start there, who among us hasn't doodled a WC ship or two. :)


I try to doodle WC ships, but then realise I cant draw so I end up drawing happy faces and monster heads instead.


Doomsday's Neighbour
I once made a WC1 Dralthi out of clay and two toothpicks... which promptly broke :p
And welcome to these forums...


Hey, kid's got skill.
Tip: If you use normal A4 paper, some black pens and color pencils can make wonders out of your drawings.....

Trust me....


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In my opinion the broadsword is the most difficult confed ship to draw, ever.
It's a mishmash of organic curves with a couple of boxes on top...

Good on you for giving it a go!


Kinda reminds me of some of my own drawings back in the day. At my old school they used to make the kids get paper covers for their books. Well I used to get paper bags from the store and make my own. By the end of the school year there would usually be a huge space battle going from the front to the back of the cover. Your ships remind me quite a bit of my old work good job.