SO web site?

I know there is an Off-line viewer that was created but I was wondering if any one backed up the SO site before it went down? There are a few differences between the final and the Off-line viewer and I would love to work on recreating it if anyone has it.

I’m also interested in the Prophecy Gold site as well.

I got what I could from but there isn’t much left now.

Thanks for the help.


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
Could you elaborate what you are missing in the offline viewer. I think the difference should only be that the 'Prophecy Gold' button isn't there and the respective ads.
Yes the gold part is part of what I want to recover as well as the Registration and anything else out there. If you have any of the original files I’d love to see them. If anyone backed it up after the Gold button appeared I’d love to see those files too.

Some of the code referred to playing a song which I don’t remember ever hearing. I think it was commented out though which would explain why. (I’ll have to check some time to see if it’s the same one Prophecy had on there site. )
Does any body have these original SO files?

Thanks in advance.



Banned Tiger

You want an altered msie_archive.html file?

I just want to be up front and honest that I've been banned by the uptight admins some time ago. I don't really want to rejoin this community, I just created this account so I can possibly help.

I have a version of msie_archive.html that I slightly altered because I wanted a local version of the fiction version because the thing just didn't look quite right on my browser back then. I also added the Confed spinning logo there because I felt it was cool to put there, but the gif stops animating once you click on something, so, that's as far as my html knowledge got me.

Anyway, I'm sure it wouldn't be too much of a problem for you to fix anything I messed up, if you're interested.
Thank you for you help Banned Tiger. I have it saved now and dropped it in and most of it worked just fine. :) I will work on it next time I can get my machine running properly.


If you have any other files you'd like to share please private message me. Who knows you might have others I need. :)

I have the mozilla_archive.html now too.