So I started UE...whats up with Light Tachyon?


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I was wondering if the Light Tachyon's stats are correct in WCUE. The bearcat in UE seems MUCH less powerful than the one in WC4, and ergo, the Epee seems less powerful too. Anyone have any thoughts on this

WC4 Light Tachyon Gun
Damage 5.0 cm
Energy 30 nJ
Range 3,800
Speed 1,900
Refire delay .35
Shot duration 2.0

WC4 Tachyon Gun
Tachyon Gun
Damage 7.0 cm
Energy 40 nJ
Range 3,200
Speed 1,600
Refire delay.35
Shot duration 2.0

WCP Tachyon Gun
Tachyon Gun
7.0 cm damage
40 nJ Energy
3,900 Range
5,200 Speed
.45 Refire Delay
.75 Shot Duration

So, the ratios of the wc4 light tachyon to wc4 tachyon is this:
71% damage of T
75% energy use of T
118% range of T
118% shot speed of T
100% refire delay of T
100% shot duration of T

so the WCP Light Tachyon should be, maybe
5 cm damage
30 nj energy
4,600 range
6,100 Speed
.45 Refire Delay
.75 Shot Duration

Is this the stats that it has? I should also note that it seems to be that the only gun that is an energy gun and fires about as fast as the wc4 tachyon cannon or Light Tachyon is the Particle Cannon. Curious! I daresay I might prefer the epee with the "upgraded to WCP stats" particle cannons on it. Not sure...

Edit: I also noticed that the DPS for the WC3 and WC4 Tachyon is only exactly equalled by the SO Chain Ion... yay WC3 and WC4 era superweapons?