SM1 (WC1 add-on) armageddon...

I can't really swear which mission it is, but it's very soon after switching wingmen from Iceman to Knight (likely the first mission with Knight). You launch from Tiger's Claw to whack a strike-force, only to find a veritable horde of Grathas upon return. Needless to say, I need some help. Pick 'em off with lasers, saving missiles for the Grathas, whichever, ANY help is an improvement...

[Update] Mission is, according to the FAQ at, Vigrid 1. So close... Well, it adviced taunting. I'll try that, see how it goes, and then come back for further assistance.

[Update 2] Never mind, I got through! WOOHOOOOO! Flew like a ****ing psycho, shooting everything I could, sent Knight off to do his thing... Yes! Now it's just the very last mission, apparently, and then I can go tackle SM2!
Hm... Oh well, it seems I managed to make the world safe somehow without help. *Shrug* Go me. If the Crew feels an urge to delete this thread, no-one will die or have a heart-attack.