SM1 - Border Zone 2


I'm beginning to feel incompetent.

SM1, Border Zone 2 - the mission where you escort the Sleipnir transports...

I always lose em, within seconds of coming out of Auto.

I'm following the game guide, but it's really no help.



this mission, right?

a couple things you might try:

  • don't autopilot to nav 1 from the minefield - set max speed, fly manually, and punch 'burners at 12k or so out
  • go claw -> nav 2 -> claw -> nav 1 to try to take care of the fighters before the transports get activated into the mission
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OK...They're dying when I arrive at Nav 1 (where you meet them), from the 3 Jalthi.

Never mind that Angel seems like a brutally incompetent wingman.


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Mark Minasi REALLY hates angel too.
Not autopiloting, as mentioned above, might work. Did you try that?


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I don't remember this mission being too much a problem in the SNES version of Secret Missions. Could the SNES version have been easier?


Got through this mission. After 8 tries and skipping class.:-/

Now trying the Dralthi-escort mission. WTF...*2* Fralthis?

FYI I'm playing KS.


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If you goto Nav 1 - Nav 2 - Nav 3 you never meet the 2 Fralthis (though you can run into one at Nav 3 if your slow)

I'm currently doing that mission atm, and as I'm a glutton for punishment I'm trying to kill everything, my problem is Bossman is a tard, he gets shot up (and dies so I quit) but I can never get him to return to base :( He usually dies after I've cleared Nav 1 - Nav 3 and killed the Jalthi at Nav 1 and going after the two Fralthi.


IIRC, everyone but Doomsday and Maniac will obey your Return to Base orders once you've left the home base navpoint. That might depend on if you're playing KS or the original version.

The key to WC1, SM1 & 2 when you're having severe problems completing a mission is often to *NOT* follow the plotted nav route, and knowing which missions you can safely fail/incomplete and which you have to simply accomplish a specific goal and forget about all the other navpoints. This comes in handy especially in escort missions - instead of autopiloting to where your escorted vessel awaits, you fly to where they're supposed to jump out, clear the navpoint, and clear any hostiles between there and the escort's nav point. That way you won't have to deal with those hostiles with your precious transport or destroyer's life in the balance.