Slow Down Utility for WCI

Col. Bob

(In the voice of TV's Prof. Farnsworth) Good News Everyone!

I just got Wing Commander I (the original Floppy Disk edition). However, it keeps running at Warp 10 so I tried a couple of CPU Slow Down Utilities like CPU Killer and Turbo. Now I'm having troble getting the game to move smoothly in Combat. Are there any Slow Down Utilities that you would recommend for Wing Commander I?


Well, I got WCI running at perfect speed via two different ways:
1. Using Dosbox and adjust the cycles (using that on my XP machines. So I would suggest this, if you use XP, too)
2. On my K6-2 400Mhz I disabled all my CPU cache (internal and external) and got perfect speed. However, I can't boot into Windows this way, so you'd need a boot disk to boot to dos to do so. And maybe, if your PC is too fast, this trick maybe won't work anymore. and don't wonder yourself, if the PC takes MUCH longer to boot - that is normal ;)

I've tried slow down utilities as well, but all made the game somehow unplayable, cause it lgged too much :(


For dosbox, go here:
And get the 0.61 Version for Windows (or whatever OS you've got)
For usage read the readme file.
To disable the cache you have to go to your BIOS. Can't remember which section it is, will post it later.
After you've disabled it and played your game, don't forget to go to your BIOS again and enable it! Your Windows won't like to run without CPU cache (mine didn't even boot into Windows)
I can't guarantee you, that this won't harm your Data! It's on your own risk!
So my suggestion:
If you haven't used BIOS changes before, I would suggest you to try the DOSBox 0.61 and keep the hands off the Cache thingy. - DOSBox is way safer. If you know what you are doing you can try the Cache thing, but don't blame me if it damages your PC or so - I haven't even tried it on newer CPUs myself yet.

EDIT: Ok, I've checked my BIOS: You can find the option to disable L1 (Internal) and L2 (External) Cache in the Advanced Settings Menu - at least that is with the BIOS of the PC, I'm currently using. Can differ from PC to PC...