Sky Captain Filmed WC3-Style (September 17, 2004)


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Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow comes out in North America today, and the reviews so far are not bad. PeteyG found an article that discusses how it is the first feature film to utilize entirely computer generated backgrounds. While they are heavily promoting this fact for Sky Captain, we all know that Wing Commander 3 used this method a full ten years ago.

"Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow" is the first feature film to be shot entirely against a blue screen with backgrounds filled in later using computer imagery. Given recent technological advances, a film done like this was just a matter of time.
You can find the full article here. A more appropriate question might be: Given the amount of time blue screen backgrounds have been used in film and video games, what took them so long?

Original update published on September 17, 2004
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Looks like a futuristic version of Crimson Skies (pc-game and table top game).
Hm, was the original comic of Sky Captain before the table top game of Crimsons Skies? If that applies, the moviemaker are thieves. But I would look the movie, despite the commentation on different forum boards and their negative personal previews.


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Crimson Skies also has it's great X-Box version. From an article I read, it seems the idea for Sky Captain came about in 1994. I'm not sure how long Crimson Skies has been around, but I think the original PC game came out.. 1999?

As for the movie, the article is a little misleading. The first feature film that I have known about that has completly digital backgrounds is Able Edwards.


The reason Sky Captain's getting all the press though (and not WC3), is because it's a film. Not a video game.

Bah... stupid reporters LOL

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The movie and Crimson Skies look similar because they're both send ups of forties pulps - having prop-drive airplanes is not the same thing as ripping off some other pop culture element. It's like setting your movie in space.

Insert Tale Spin joke here.