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So I don't know if anyone here plays Simple Planes but for my first upload plane, on the SP website, I chose to do the F-57 Sabre. I picked it because, as far as I could see, there aren't any WC planes on Simple Planes and figured it was worth a run.*
I really wanted to do my all time favorite, the Raptor, but that one is gonna take some tricks to make something like that stable. The Sabre is exotic looking but also traditional enough that I was able to make it work surprisingly easily.
Next up I think I'll take a crack at the Hornet and then I'm gonna try some stuff to try and bring in the Thunderbolt and the Hellcat.

*now that I think about it there is a tiny little Arrow V and a heavily stylized Dralthi.


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Do you have any pictures?
I'll try and do a couple of screen grabs tomorrow. The paint scheme isn't spectacular because the game, as far as i know, doesn't support textured skins, but a I just kind of stuck to the green\yellow\white of the early WC games.


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I call this one Blue Steel


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