Shotglass' Bar

Hey guys,

I took a dabble at some 3D modelling in Blender. This is a project I have wanted to do for a few months now and managed to scrounge some time to spend several hours on it. It's my first attempt at re-creating Shotglass' bar on the Tiger's Claw. It's pretty basic.

I'm a beginner at Blender, some advice and tips on using it would be appreciated, hence the post. :D

I'd like to render the Bar, Barracks, Briefing Room, Flight Deck Corridor and Flight Deck, put them all in to Unity so you could walk around them. Much like how you can roam around in Star Citizen. For now though, I need to work on my modelling skills to make that seem worth while.
I've spent several hours working on the chair and managed to improve it. I tried to use a bezier curve, but had to abandon that idea. Fortunately there is a Smooth Shading option, which I hadn't been aware of before. It has some flaw's, but represents 6 hours worth of blood, sweat and plenty of mistakes.

Next up, I'll try and add some textures to the chair and table.