Ships And Iff Files - Need Help


I have been playing with Thomas mission builder and the WC3 ships for Secret Ops located in the download section. I have not planned to release an addon, i just made it for my amusement. I would like to say BIG THANKS to everybody involved in the WCSO editing tools.

The ships work great, and the mission builder too. I have made a bunch of missions with Darkets, Sorthaks, Paktahns and some confederation ships.

But i had encountered two problems:

The first problem is the VDU images and ships names. All the ships VDUs are set to Piranha. I have been thinking in making the correct VDUs, and i have found the tools to convert bmps to mat.

But i don't know how to set the ship VDU. I know that the information is stored into the folder ships in IFF files.

As far as i know, each ship has a number slot. Can i edit the IFF file with an hexadecimal editor to change the ship number slot ????
Can somebody tell me how i can change the ship slot ????

The second problem is about mission integration.
I want to make some kind of Wc3 campaign with thoses ships.
When i change the mission name from s0.mis to a1.mis (the first mission from Secret Ops), the mission don't load, and Secret Ops reports an CRC error.

Can somebody tell me how i can integrate a mission into Secret Ops ??


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I'd recommend against using a hex editor. Thomas has some wcppas tools for editing iffs which are easier.


WCP seems to have issues extracting some WC3 files...Thomas said he was going to improve it,but that didnt happen so im thinking he went extinct like the dinosaurs..

Also I think it depends on what version game u have,if its the Original WC3 then it may work better,I have Kilrathi Saga version,so that may be why I had problems..


Ok, Sorry... Now i know that i can change the ship number slot with WCPEDIT - and anything from any ship :D

Now i'm making the correct VDUs for the Kilrathi ships

Here is an example, the Darket with correct name and pic on the VDU