Ship testing.... a comparison - Centurion - Demon Hunter - Orion


First of all I want to say I testet all ships with max outfitting (highes possible shields, reactors repairsys. etc,) and as guns used tachyon (caus IMHO there the best).

Comparison Demon Hunter vs. Centurion

For the type of pilot running dangerous missions or doing a lot of bounty hunting a fighting stuff, one might think about using a centurion or demon hunter. But what ship is more fitting ur requirements?

Here's my oppinion:


The centurion is the on with the highest firepower: U got 4 gun-racks under its wings arranged in a line, two "big" weapon bays (big means: 20 Torpedos or 10 missiles) giving u an overall of max 40 Torpedos or 20 missiles, and last but not least a turret with 2 more guns

Demon Hunter:
U get 4 gun racks which are arranged 2by 2 like in a rectangle with on "small" weapon bay (10 torps or 5 missiles) and on tiny weapon bay for one light missile ( i used this with the tracktor capability 4 mounting a tracktor beam --> rescue missions).


Centurion 500 nominal speed 1000 with afterburner
Demon 450 nominal 1200 with afterburner


Centurion: shield3 reactor 3
Demon shield 2 reactor 3 (im not shure wether on can build in shield 3, just did do it)


What the demon hunter lacks in firepower he gains in speed and agility, and on more thing to mention: with the 1 higher reactor the demon has the ability to fire and flight under afterburner use, with the centurion one will fast get out of energy.
So what ship to use?

U got money? U buy urself a centurion! Although the guns are spread mor apart from each other than they are with the demon (making it harder to hit with all 4 guns at time), the spreading although has an advantage, as u will hit ur target more likely. And when u got urself 4 autotrackes that problem is a "bye bye".
The difference in speed is negligible in respect to the better shields of the centurion.
There isn't much of a difference after all. I use a demon hunter, cause i think the demon hunter is bit mor agile making it the better fighter. but thats just my thought.

Comparison Orion vs. the other 2

Here it comes! The Orion! The ship i liked most in org. Privateer with RF.

The orion comes with 2 gunracks one big weapon bay anda turret, givin it the smallest amount of firepower of the three fighter crafts.

So one might say: "hey the orion is a tank!"
Yeah! big, slow, with a "big bun" easy to hit.
And with shield 5 its not a tank, its just a slo big, sitting duck.

The problem is: Where the hell is all that weight comming from?
U got the same cargo space as in the other two.
So I would say... more armor? NOPE the orion has the same armor capacitys as the other two.
More Hull armor? mhh ok. no.

I checked the numbers. and the orion is in the ship info with 81 (demon hunter 108)
And the shield it says is 0 (haha, nice joke)

So I say, and hell I meant it: The orion is a gimbed piece of bullshit :

Cause just think about the demon and the orion! boith cost 125k blank, and therefor the orion should compensate what it lacks in speed an maneuverability with armor and shields!
So I would even say, the orion should be able to go up to shield 6 or 7.
And the orion should be abled to mount a carge expansion as in the org. game.

I tested the orion and the demonhunter against several numbers of dralthi fighters. If there are more than 2 dralthis ur a dead man in the orion, with the demon hunter.... easy targets (of course with autotracking).

I never died as quickly as in an orion.

So the Orion just has disadvantages vs. the demon hunter as they both can carry 50 cargo (if the orion could carry more cargo that would be a little step towards equality)

And some suggestion:
With the shields there is a grading into different ranks of shields, why not implement this with the armor and hull?
So lets say : the demon hunter is a light fighter craft, fast and agile and therefor can carry armor class 1 (meaning u can buy at max one pieces of armor --> 108 with tungsten)
The centurion as middle heavy fighter should go up to 2 or even 3 , giving it a max armor of 216 or even 324
The orion is heavy, and therefor should be able to carry at least 4 armor part, if not even more (the balancing should be considered by people who programm). Than and just than the orion is a real tank!

So everyone's invited to give her/his oppinion/suggestions/experiences, especially about the galaxy, i wasn't able to test,yet
I wanted to tear human flesh when i discovered how powered up the demon was. It's almost as badass as the steltek drone.
Almost? I never feared that green gob of gook as much as I fear having to fight another 13 demons at the same time again, right out of a jump point.

Something about brutal sodomy doesn't quite do it for me. Maybe if I could get a reach around....
You're kidding, right? The Retro copies of Steltek guns are weak. Looks like the Retros couldn't get the awesome power of the origional to work right, and/or trashed the power booster trying to reverse engineer it.
Ten Demons with four lasers each are more dangerous than ten Retro Salthis with two badly copied Stelteks each.
I'm sure they're a little weaker, keeping in mind that there's two of them on those Salthis.

Oh well, one fully kitted Cent + two fusions on the inside mounts and two tachyons on the outside mounts + tachyon turret = Serious Salthi slayer. Muhaha!! :)
BTW, the Orion only costs 75K not 125K. From what I am hearing of the sounds vastly overpowered. I would suggest that you implement a max level of guns on this ship (i.e. nothing heavier than a meson blaster or whatever can be mounted on this weapon mounts). Also, I don't think you should make a engine MK 3 available for it.
SixGun said:
Ten Demons with four lasers each are more dangerous than ten Retro Salthis with two badly copied Stelteks each.
all i know is that no flight of demons has killed me yet, while i died once on the last mission of rf against 10+ steltek'ed frog fighters (and the 4xsteltek'ed centurion, but he was dead in short order)
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(whimper) Having been thoroughly trashed by Demons some three or four /dozen/ times in the third Oxford mission, I can honestly say I'm developing an intuitive understanding of the Demon. AI buggers aside, I feel like they have as much armor as a Drayman, shields that regenerate faster than an Orion with maxed out generators, and as much firepower as any Centurion -- just packed closer together, so that when the AI /does/ hit me, it hurts (a lot). The fact that the Demon outmaneuvers the Centurion is only midly irritating after all of that; especially when the autotracking gimbals are rotating faster than a Dralkthi can fly, and still not hitting the broad side of a Paradigm.

You'd think that with those four, massive engine pods, the Centurion would only be a slight step down from an Orion in terms of power generation, although it's stream-lined body obviously shouldn't be able to pack in as much shield generation or armor base as an Orion. But /nooooo/.

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Alternatives to Demon Hunter

Not suggesting it's a great value for the money, but a properly outfitted Gothri (4 tachyon + autotrack) is a fun fighter to fly. Plenty of energy and pretty decent shields. Only 20 cargo though...
I am pretty new to this game, and flying around in a Demon at the moment. Where do you find the tachyon guns? I checked every place I fly by and can only find them in turret form, which does my Demon no good. Any help appreciated.