she never exited

i want to make a drama scene where tagget an blair are talking about blairs pilgram background and i want the scene to end it the line SHE NEVER EXITED

so can anyone script such a scene out for me?
Did you mean to say "she never exited," as in she never left the room, or "she never existed," as in that's how they handled people's deaths in the WCM?
I HOPE he meant "never existed"- otherwise it sounds like a pretty dirty movie.
Okay, scripting:

[Flight deck, calm night-cycle activity. Foreground: A figure wearing a cobbled-together melange of WCI-WCMovie uniforms, is sprinkling water with a little brush on a parked Rapier (WCM version). Blair enters RIGHT, wearing flightsuit.]

Blair: Excuse me, sir, but it occurs to me that I've never seen you here.
Tagget: Ah, and so do I. But you must be Blair.
Blair: Correct, sir. But may I have your name?
Tagget: Call me Tagget, although it is of little orthographical importance. Listen..
Blair [cutting in]: And how can I be of assistance, Mr. Tagget, sir?
Tagget: Listen, Blair, I want to talk to you about your Pilgram background.
Blair: Pilgram, sir? I don't understand.
Tagget: Also of little importance. Listen, have you ever been called a "wandering citizen of heaven"?
Blair: I have been called many things, but I don't recall this one, Mr, ah..
Tagget: Tagget. Nothing to do with the movie . There's not much time. I've found something in your past. One of your ancestors was a mining engineer, and also a member of the council, many many years ago.
Blair: I don't exactly know what you're...
Tagget: I told you to listen to me: Your ancestor worked for the authorities, just like you do, but he got his doubts after a time. He realized that things weren't what they were supposed to. All these doctrines and politics, and nothing really contributing to change..
Blair [lighting up a bit]: Yes? That sounds familiar..
Tagget: Yes, especially the dunking. Always only once. So he developed the idea of dipping twice.
Blair: I think you've lost me again. Dunking and dipping? Are you referring to maneuvering?
Tagget [gesticulating]: No! Not at all! I'm talking about your background. Pilgram!
Blair: Sir, I must insist that...
Tagget [faster]: Pilgram invented it; he dunked them all again. And all was great, until he met Anna. He tried it with her, but it went wrong. So I'm here to warn you..
Blair [holding an intercom to his mouth]: Security..?
Tagget: ..whenver you let a woman share your tub, you've got to be careful.
Blair: [talking to the intercom] Wait. [to Tagget] What??
Tagget: Yes, I'm telling you! He tried his anabaptist thing on her, and she understood all he said nice and proper, and he filled the tub to rebaptize her to symbolically introduce her into her new life. But they never had any children, and he was working his butt off to pay the coal bills afterwards, and it all went pretty much downhill...
Blair: [muttering] I can't believe I'm doing this.. [aloud] What are you talking about?
Tagget: [outline suddenly flickers] Damn, we're taking to much time, I'll be gone in a second. Listen, Blair: I'm from far away, and our technology has shown that it's hereditary, so keep in mind that if or whenever you meet a girl, and you move in together, and you have a nice big bathroom with a jacuzzi in it... [flickers hard, voice wavers] Damn, no time to explain it all! Blair: The same thing may happen again! Pilgram ! SHE NEVER EXITED! [flickers, disappears].

{All references to persons alive or dead of fictional are purely fictional, but in another sense fictional that the already fictional ones. The author apologizes because of the crude and obscure joke, but points to the fact that it all was an ordered piece of fiction. Or it all was a dream}
Can I apply for Fan Project 2005 now?

Just kidding. I've just been in a funny mood.

Nonetheless it's kind of sad that this registers as my first *completed* piece of fan fiction...